Weight loss: Gary Barlow made key diet plan change to slim down – ‘do it every day’

Gary Barlow recalls pitching unprepared at Buckingham Palace

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Gary Barlow is well known for being a member of the pop group Take That and he is a regular fixture on prime time TV. What has he said on his weight loss journey?

The singer, 50, often appears on the small screen and looks to be fit and healthy.

However, he has opened up about gaining weight shortly after Take That split up.

Gary explained he would fill up on unhealthy meals and had a love of “chips, crisps and Chinese”.

“I had a rough period with food that I’m not proud of, where I really lost control of myself.

“I remember one particular day just thinking: ‘How have I got here?’

“I was just so disappointed with myself,” he told The Sun.

The 5ft 9in performer’s weight reportedly soared to 19 stone.

“It started there for me and I turned my brain on to sorting out what I ate,” he continued.

“The trouble is the food I love – Chinese, chips, crisps.

“They were giving me a couple of minutes of a food coma, taking me out of the real world. It’s just not good, that.”

How did he slim down?

The former The X Factor judge explained he cut out junk food altogether.

By not giving himself ‘cheat days’, Gary added he was more able to stay on track.

He recommended keeping a food diary to others struggling to lose weight.

Gary stated: “Do a food diary for every day, and look down and you’ll see what you’re doing wrong.”

As well as a healthy diet plan, a good fitness regime seems to be key in keeping the singer slim.

He has given fans a glimpse into his gym sessions through posts on social media.

A recent Instagram video saw the star enjoying a cardio working in the gym.

The caption read: “I’m getting prepared for touring life now.

“One thing I picked up years ago from some of my favourite artists was to always be physically ready for a tour.

“Singing while moving around the stage means I have to have good cardio. I’m finally up to 2 hrs of singing a day. Voice is in good shape. Here we go #gblive #livemusic #moveyourbody.”

Other snaps have shown him stretching at home. 

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