Weight loss: Man loses 4st in 4 months with change to diet – ‘now I enjoy buying clothes’

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Shaun, Katie, and Katie’s parents, Emma and Tony Scrivener, have lost a whopping 15 stone between them. Shaun, 38, from Swansea, managed to lose a huge four stone in just four months.

Shaun spoke to Express.co.uk about why he decided to lose weight, and what he did to do so.

For him, his mental and physical state when he was overweight was what inspired him to lose the pounds.

He explained that Katie was also a big help, saying: “It was a bit of a snowball effect. It started with my wife Katie, she lost a bit of weight and that spurred me on.

“My wife pestered me for a while, saying ‘this is what I did, you should do it too’, so I eventually made the wise choice and listened to my wife.”

Shaun continued: “For me, the vast majority of my weight came off over a four month period, while the final stone took a bit longer.

“We went to Budapest for our anniversary in May, 10 years ago, and then when I came back I started to get the ball rolling because I was so knackered in Budapest.

“I was getting tired easily, so I wanted to do something about it.”

The 38-year-old explained he used to weight 20 stone before using a “combination of diet and exercise” to slim down.

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Shaun kicked off his weight loss journey by focusing on his diet, saying: “Essentially, the main thing we cut out was fat and sugar.

“We re-educated ourselves about food – it wasn’t about starving ourselves, it was just about eating better.

“So, I was eating more vegetables and then more leaner protein and more complex carbohydrates.”

He added: “I was also watching how much I was eating – being more aware of portion control and eating everything in moderation.”

At the beginning, Shaun was very strict with himself and didn’t allow himself any treat days, but later, he said his “motivation was to have that one night – Saturday night – to look forward to and eat what I wanted”.

“I went for as long as I physically could before I was like ‘I have to have a treat’,” he added.

Once Shaun “started losing weight and becoming more confident”, he began doing exercise and “getting into running” again.

He still keeps active today to maintain his goal weight, saying: “I work out quite a lot.

“I’m still a regular gym goer and a runner.

“I am now much more aware of how many calories are in things and I can really look after my lifestyle.”

As well as his physical health, Shaun’s mental health has also “improved a lot”.

He said: “I used to be in the army and then when I came out I gained a bit of weight and that made an impact on my mental health.

“I thought that you could be fat and fit, but it turns out, for me, I couldn’t.

“Now that I’ve gotten back into fitness, my mental health has improved a lot.”

He added: “The weight loss is almost secondary to feeling good within myself and actually enjoying buying clothes and stuff like that.

“I never used to enjoy buying clothes, but now I can buy clothes that last for longer.”

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