Weight loss: Nutritionist shares one reason you’re not losing weight – ‘Super important!’

Pippa Campbell: Nutritionist introduces herself

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When people are stressed, they either lose weight or gain weight, and there is a reason for this. Express.co.uk spoke to Pippa Campbell, a nutritional practitioner and metabolic balance coach about the correlation between a healthy gut and weight loss, and what happens to one of the body’s most important when life throws a curveball. She also suggested some foods that should be incorporated into your diet to not only promote a healthy and happy gut but also help drop a few pounds. 

Pippa said: “All your body systems want to be balanced, but gut health is super important, it’s like the foundations of good health.

“Imagine if somebody is constipated, and they’re trying to lose weight, and all those toxins – we’re exposed to so many toxins, even our body makes toxins by functioning – but all those toxins aren’t leaving the body because they’re constipated and that’s a major way how we get rid of our toxins. 

“So all those toxins are recirculating and causing inflammation. 

“That is one reason – there are many other reasons – but that is one reason why somebody might not be able to lose weight is gut health, and specifically being constipated.

“So we really want to make sure our gut is working well. 

“People do a lot of extreme detoxes and yes, that can be really useful. But if they’ve got gut issues I’d be starting there.” 

As for what foods can be consumed to promote gut health and in turn help aid weight loss, Pippa said: “That’s where vegetables and plant-based foods come in.

“I’m not saying people should all go vegan, but I think a lot of meat-eaters are not eating enough vegetables. 

“So you’ve got prebiotic fibres, like onions, garlic, leeks, asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, flax seeds, now they feed our good bacteria in our gut. 

“And good bacteria are found in the foods probiotic foods like yoghurt, kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, miso, olives in brine, those sort of fermented type foods. 

“So the prebiotics is like the fertiliser for our good bacteria, the food for the good bacteria in our gut, so people must never forget the prebiotics. So they feed the probiotics.” 

The expert added: “You could say something like a perfect marriage could be some stewed apple which has good prebiotic fibres with some yoghurt so that’s been good bacteria. 

“And then they produce these things after that called short-chain fatty acids, which are nice and inflammatory for the anti-inflammatory for the gut.

“So I just think people should think of an array of all these different plant fibres, but I don’t know people have enough diversity, I think people just quite often eat the same thing every day.

“[Take broccoli for example] think of pak choi, cauliflower, cabbage, radish, Brussel sprouts, kohlrabi. Just trying to mix it up. 

“It’s the phytonutrients that are called like phytochemicals. So these plant chemicals, and they, provide so many powerful different nutrients for us,” she advised. 

While eating foods to keep your gut happy is important, what about foods for weight loss? Pippa recommended foods to eat for breakfast if you’re looking to slim up. 

She said: “I’d be thinking again about protein, waking up, boosting the metabolism in the morning with protein. So that could be eggs -but some people don’t have the time to make eggs, so a protein shake might suit some people. 

“There are no rules at breakfast. There’s no reason why you couldn’t have some turkey for breakfast or leftover bolognese from the night before. 

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“We’ve been brought up to think a bowl of cereal or to eat something sweet, but throw all of that out, there’s no reason why people can’t have a more savoury breakfast. Even some good quality lean bacon or leaner types of sausages, something protein-rich. 

“Vegans could look at tempeh or tofu for their breakfast – scrambled tofu,” she added. 

“But some people do find it just easy to have quick protein shake because they don’t have time.” 

Pippa went on to explain how “realistic” Pippa Campbell Health is when it comes to creating a weight loss plan for someone. 

“We work out ‘how is this going to fit into someone’s lifestyle?’” She said. “Some people really don’t have time to cook. 

“We [also] teach people to make some really basic foods, the recipes on my website, most of them not hard. And in my female food club, we talk about recipes a lot and people are posting foods that they’ve done and recipes.” 

About Pippa Campbell Health

Pippa and her team of experts “figure out what’s preventing people from losing weight naturally, and help them to boost their energy and self-confidence while reducing illness, symptoms and disease”. 

As a result of not believing “that there is no ‘one size fits all’ diet and lifestyle plan”, each “client receives a nutritional programme that includes detailed health analysis, medical testing and personalised eating plan, plus recipes to suit their unique biochemistry, lifestyle and cooking skills”. 

You can find out more about the programmes Pippa and her company offers on their website pippacampbellhealth.com. 

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