Weight loss: One woman lost an impressive seven stone with this easy diet plan

No matter what the reason for losing weight, many people hope to transform their figure. One woman opened up about the method she used to shed an incredible 7st 2lb. The Reddit user “stanislawa” explained the low carb keto diet and exercise helped her shape up.


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Posting on Reddit, the user shared pictures of her before and after losing weight.

She told social media users she is 5ft 5in, 30-years-old and her transformation took about a year and a half.

During that time, the dieter managed to slim down from 17st 7lb to a healthy 10st 5lb.

“stanislawa” revealed she used exercise and a healthy diet to achieve her results.

She wrote: “475 days of Keto and heavy lifting. Those last 7 pounds were a pain but I finally hit my goal weight! Ready to double down HARD in the gym and see what I can really do!”

What is the keto diet?

The slimmer followed the diet plan which is low in carbs and high in fat with a moderate protein content.

Those on the plan will eat roughly 25 grams of net carbs a day to help the body enter into the fat-burning state called ketosis.

They can tuck into keto friendly foods such as meats, fish, eggs, dairy and vegetables.

Although she originally felt her energy dropped, the slimmer felt normal again in a few weeks.

She wrote: “The biggest reason people do Keto is you don’t feel hungry that way. I’m always very saturated, because of all the fat and protein. And lack of blood sugar crashes.

“I eat 1400 to 1700 a day on a cycle, but my macros change a lot as time goes by. I do not lift well at 1200 a day, I’ll tell you that.


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“You may just be adapting, it can take some people months. It took me maybe 8-9 weeks to get energy back at the start.”

The dieter also revealed she managed to follow the diet plan without cheating.

“I accidentally drank a gin and tonic once, and I had a small slice of normal cake at my bridal shower,” she added.

“But no cheating or going off plan other than that. I track everything and find something that fits my macros when I want a treat.”

As well as following the diet plan, “stanislawa” used weight training to help her stay in shape.

She said: “When I started I just walked for a month and would die at the end of the block…but I started lifting about a month in and I was clueless and just doing circuits on the machines.

“A year ago I started reading up on lifting and wrote my own routines and that got me some decent results. I’m currently doing Thinner Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews and I’m halfway through phase 2 of 8.

“My legs have exploded in a good way and all my lifts have improved a lot. I do a 4 day split of that, and then I go train at a powerlifting gym with a coach once a week, and my 6th workout is usually dedicated to plyometrics, stabilization drills, and learning anything new I’ve seen and never tried.”

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