Weight loss: Slimmer avoided comfort eating to slim with ‘fabulous’ new workout routine

Expert explains why enjoying exercise is important

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Heidi Reynolds always loved an active lifestyle, regularly hiking, walking and enjoying the outdoors. A few years ago she decided to join a gym and fell in love with group exercise, something she credits for helping her enormously through her numerous health ailments.

Heidi has been diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease (Osteoarthritis of the spine) and is awaiting spinal fusion surgery, meaning her previously strict workout schedule had to be scaled back.

But she is determined to remain committed to her love of movement and through Les Mills+, she has been able to adapt the workouts she loves and even manage her symptoms while she awaits this major operation.

The aim of the Les Mills exercise programmes is to improve people’s fitness, and Heidi explained how the regular exercise and movement options from the team has helped her manage this difficult period of her life. 

She said: “I had never experienced such a high – I finally realised this is what people are talking about.

“Fitness has to be something you enjoy and after years of trying lots of different methods I had discovered that it was group exercise classes that I really enjoyed.”

After incorporating Les Mills group exercise classes into her weekly routine, Heidi soon began to notice differences in her body.

While she was impressed with her weight loss, she was even more over the moon to see an improvement to her overall well-being.

She now cites Les Mills and her new found fitness routine for offering her a glimmer of relief, claiming it helped her to avoid turning to comfort eating.

“I focus on what I can do, not what I can’t do,” she explained.

“What is fabulous about Les Mills is the range of different instructors and the how to guides.

“It is OK to take up the move adaption options and you are not made to feel like you are not trying.

“I think we are all so bad at focusing on and celebrating what we can do.”

Heidi is adamant to not only keep physically and mentally fit for now but also to ensure her surgery and subsequent recovery goes as smoothly as possible once it comes around.

“I see these incredible, strong women working out at the age of 75 or more and I know I want to be like them,” she said.

Her most loved Les Mills classes include:

Body combat

Body pump


Hybrid low impact



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