Weight loss transformation: Man shed impressive 2st 7lb in six weeks with diet changes

F45 Challenge: Healthy way to lose body fat in eight weeks

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Weight loss can be achieved with a healthy diet plan and exercise regime. Like so many of us, Paulo Vaa had over-indulged during the Christmas break and New Years, and found himself returning back to his old habits.

After a successful weight loss in 2019, Paulo was feeling motivated going into the first lockdown.

Previously, he was the F45 Global Champion winner for the eight-week Challenge, which is a comprehensive fitness and nutrition programme designed to go alongside F45’s signature workouts.

Paulo had lost four stone and 17.6 percent body fat in eight weeks.

Although gyms were closed, Paulo felt as though he had learnt many healthy habits and adopted a great routine that he could carry on with at home.

However, as we entered the second nationwide lockdown in England, Paulo gained 14kgs and was feeling defeated.

In 2021, he made a New Years resolution to get back on track with his fitness regime and didn’t look back.

He started a podcast titled ‘What the Thutt? ‘How Did I Get Fat, Again?’.

Paulo describes it as “a relatable and real fitness podcast for those who struggle with losing weight, or are great at losing weight but even greater at putting it back on”.

He tackled difficult discussions regarding his eating patterns and identified the causes behind his weight gain after he had such a successful weight loss journey.

In the very first episode, Paulo was joined by Psychiatrist Dr Tom, who gave a mental overview, insight and reflection into what goes on in the mind when trying to lose weight.

They examined Paulo’s attitude towards food and tried to analyse possible reasons for his weight gain.

With this new understanding, Paulo was able to discover his triggers and unhealthy habits.

As the saying goes, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, Paulo chose to return to the workout plan that originally helped him lose weight back in 2019.

The virtual 45-Day Challenge with F45 Vauxhall is an adaptation of the famous eight-week Challenge.

Paulo felt motivated more than ever to conquer this challenge as he had his podcast listeners following his journey.

He said: ”I am here to talk about the truths about losing weight.”

Rather than feeling pressured, he felt like he had a community behind him which boosted his confidence and sparked his love for fitness again.

Paulo said: “This podcast goes out to all those who struggle with their weight, and want to hear it straight from someone who is also on the struggle-bus, too!”

Alongside the challenge, Paulo realised that his mindset had a large impact on his weight loss and positive body image. Paulo learnt not to be so hard on himself and how to have a more healthy relationship with food and exercise. 

He noted that portion control was essential in order to get back on track and he tried to steer clear of binge eating. His hard work paid off, and Paulo was able to lose a tremendous 2st 7lb.

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