Weight loss transformation: Woman made one lifestyle change to shed three stone

With the days getting lighter, some people will start to think about upping their fitness regime. One woman revealed the diet and exercise plan she used to shed over three stone. What did she eat?


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In order to find a diet that will work, it can be helpful to look to those who have already slimmed down.

One slimmer, Paula, explained she struggled with food and the pounds crept on over the years.

She said: “As an emotional eater, I had been overweight for a long time, on a bad day I would binge eat, feel guilty, then start all over again.

“It was a vicious circle. I struggled with low self esteem and felt frumpy.”

Although Paula wanted to make a change, she could not find a diet that worked for her.

Instead of slimming down she was left unmotivated and tipped the scales at 12st 1lb.

“I’d tried lots of diets but nothing worked in the long term,” Paula explained.

“I’d lose weight and then put it on again. But that hasn’t been the case with Jane Plan – it’s broken my relationship with food.

“I started the plan following a health issue when my weight had crept up to 12 st 1lbs – I was 1lb off being obese.

“At a size 16/18 I knew I had to make a change, for the sake of my health.”

Trying out healthy meal delivery service Jane Plan, the dieter noticed the number on the scales go down.

By eating healthy regular meals on the plan, Paula managed to shed an impressive three stone.


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As her fitness improved, the dieter also started running every day.

Paula added: “Since starting the plan I haven’t looked back. I lost over three stone and reached my goal weight of nine stone, it felt great.

“I felt so motivated and positive that I had finally started to get my weight under control, but I did not feel deprived as you do on crash diets.”

While losing weight, the slimmer started to be able to fit into her old clothes again.

She said her confidence improved and she started to feel better in herself.

Paula said: “It is a great feeling to be able to fit back into old clothes and feel more confident in the way I look.

“The consistent weight loss of 2.5lb a week is good as you don’t get the plateaus or the weight gain in some other diets, so you see the benefits without the pain.

“I am much happier and my relationship with my partner is much stronger. For the first time I love myself & what I have achieved.”

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