Weight loss: What is the best diet plan to burn fat fast? Expert reveals tip to slim down

Weight loss can be achieved by following a good diet and ensuring you exercise regularly. The right plan will be different for each slimmer and knowing what foods you should eat can be a challenge. However, there is one food group dieters should ensure they eat plenty of.


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Although nutrition and exercise are both important when getting into shape, eating the right foods could lead to the best results.

Krissy told Express.co.uk: “I think nutrition is more important. What you’re putting into your body is by far the most important tool you will ever have.

“Learning how to cook, learning how to prep and knowing what foods your body needs are all important.”

When following a healthy diet plan, those hoping to get into shape should look at exactly what is in their foods.

She said: “Food is so overlooked, people think they can workout and eat what they want.

“You need to put micronutrients into your body to help you glow from within. Then it will show on the outside. Food for me is way more important for sure.”

So, what should you eat?

The expert explained it is important to look at the macronutrients and micronutrients in each meal.

Macronutrients are the broad nutrients in foods and include carbs, fats and proteins, according to Heathline.com.

Micronutrients are nutrients in foods such as vitamins and minerals.

“Everyone’s macros will be different depending on goals,” Krissy explained.

“If you want to lose weight, maintain or gain weight your calories will be different and that’s individual to you.


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“Food wise, your pallet needs to have micronutrients. That is your veggies and your fruit.”

The expert explained filling up on foods full of good micronutrients, such as fruits and vegetables, can give the best fitness and weight loss results.

She added these foods can be easily incorporated into anyone’s diet plan.

Krissy told Express.co.uk: “I know so many people hate veggies, but find another alternative.

“Mix it into a smoothie, add some mango and kale. Add some dates with spinach into a morning smoothie.

“It makes a world of difference, it’s delicious and you won’t even notice it.

“Micronutrients are a must. Your body needs that nourishment.”

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