Celebrate National Popcorn Day with the Best Microwave Popcorn

Annie’s Organic Butter & Sea Salt Popcorn

We dig Berkeley-based Annie’s organic popcorn, big time: The popped kernels are large, fluffy, and entirely addictive. $3 for 1 (4-oz.) bag at Amazon

Lesser Evil Buddha Bowl Himalayan Pink

While the coconut taste threw some of our editors, most loved this unique flavor. Plus, the coconut oil keeps calories down to a mere 110 per serving. $10 for 3 (5-oz.) bags at Lesser Evil

Newman’s Own Light Butter Microwave Popcorn

The butter quotient on these kernels is juuust right: enough to taste like movie-theater popcorn without leaving your hands greasy. $4 for 1 (10.5-oz) box at Amazon.com

Popcorn, Indiana Kettlecorn 

There really is a place called Popcorn, Indiana (population 42), and that’s where this kettle corn originates. With a dash of salt and a little bit of sugar, each bite is perfectly balanced. $4 for 1 (8-oz.) bag at Amazon.com

Quinn White Cheddar & Sea Salt Microwave Popcorn

The only thing better than cheesy popcorn is warm cheesy popcorn, and Quinn’s version with tangy cheddar and sea salt makes our dreams come true. Bonus: The microwaveable bags are totally nontoxic. $4 for 1 (7-oz.) box at Target 

Wholesome Pantry Organic Microwave Popcorn

With a natural butter flavor and the right amount of salt, this supermarket line of popcorn got high marks for its old-school air-popped taste. $2 for 1 (9-oz.) box at ShopRite

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