There’s A Rare Sale On Our Favorite Insta-Famous Cookware

After spending the past 16 months cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, and, of course, snacks, you might be itching to replace your cookware. (Let’s be honest: That non-stick frying pan just isn’t as non-stick as it used to be.) Problem is, your kitchen cabinets are packed with the air fryer, stand mixer, and Instant Pot you bought during quarantine.

The Proclamation Duo
That’s where the Proclamation Stainless Steel Duo comes in. As the crown jewel of IG-famous cookware brands, this Proclamation Goods multipurpose pick is a space-efficient ways to replenish your pots and pans.
The magic lies in its clever design. The award-winning set comprises a Hybrid Pot (which is wide enough to fit a whole chicken, and deep enough to boil two pounds of pasta), a versatile skillet, and a lid that can fit both.So whether you want to pan-sear salmon or deep-fry some crispy and delicious, the Proclamation Stainless Steel Duo is built to do it all. The set is made with a durable, non-toxic stainless steel, so it’ll last you for years. And thanks to its modular design, each piece of the bundle can fit nicely into each other taking up minimal space in the process.
Oh, and did we mention it’s on sale? Now until July 4, you can save $50 on the culinary hero and score a Proclamation Triangle Dinner Bell as a gift with purchase. On sale for $329, the Proclamation Stainless Steel Duo is by no means cheap. But between its top-tier quality and incredibly versatile design, it’ll be one investment that’ll pay for itself in the long-run.

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