30 Recipes to Make in September

30 Recipes to Make in September

Hot Dogs with Cheddar and Sautéed Apples

These gourmet pretzel hot dogs are ideal for September, when you’re simultaneously sad that summer’s ending and excited for fall to begin.

Grandma’s Lasagna

A crisp fall night is best paired with a piece of belly-warming lasagna. With homemade tomato sauce and lots of ricotta cheese, this recipe falls would meet the approval of any Italian grandmother.

Peanut-Butter-and-Jelly Cups

It might be back-to-school month, but kids aren’t the only ones who get to enjoy PB&J. Here, the childhood favorite gets a fun, chocolate-covered upgrade.

Nori Granola

Savory granola isn’t for everyone, but cookbook author Heidi Swanson strikes the right balance in her version, which is made of oats, cashews, fennel seeds, sesame seeds, black pepper, honey, and lots of nori. It’s great with yogurt or just as a snack!

Rack of Lamb with Artichokes, Purple Potatoes and Licorice

The braised artichokes give this dish an Italian infection that works so well with roast lamb, potatoes, and fragrant herbs.

Baked Kabocha Falafel with Almond-Milk Yogurt

For a healthier take on falafel, try this baked version made of kabocha squash and crusted in sesame seeds. They’re pretty easy to whip up and make for a great salad topping or side dish.

White Wine–Baked Apples

Just because you love apples doesn’t mean you have to bake a lattice-topped pie. This simple dessert takes almost no time to throw together and it’s pretty great—maybe that has a little something to do with the fact that, besides apples, the ingredients are butter, sugar, and wine.

Brussels Sprout Slaw with Ginger Gold Apple

Crisp, tart, and juicy, this Brussels sprout and apple slaw goes well as a side with just about anything, and it works as a starter, too.

Toasted Farro with Greens and Tahini

Chef Kevin Gillespie’s pro-tip for farro? Roast it after it has already been cooked to give it a popcorn-like flav

Baked Onions with Fennel Bread Crumbs

Leave it to Nancy Silverton to turn onions into a velvety, flavorful, star of a side dish. The panko here adds an awesome crunch and the sage is oh-so-autumn.

Maple-Bourbon Banana Pudding Cake

After tasting this decadent maple-bourbon banana pudding cake, you’ll never want to make plain old banana cake ever again. Make sure to serve with a hefty scoop of the caramelized bourbon sauce that naturally develops at the bottom of the baking dish.

Tea-Smoked Roast Chickens

There are so many incredible flavors in Andrea Reusing’s tea-smoked roast chicken that we don’t even know which to call our favorite. The sweet and spicy brine is made with cinnamon, anise, and chiles. The tea-smoking mixture is a mixture of rice, black tea, and spices. And the scallion-ginger sauce has just the right amount of kick.

Cardamom-Cheddar Straws

These flaky cheese straws don’t just taste like straight cheddar. The cardamom adds a necessary herbal note that’s perfect for eating alone or dipping in hot soup.

Red-Miso-Glazed Carrots

In this recipe, chef Joanne Chang makes a miso paste out of red miso, butter, brown sugar, and scallions to flavor roasted carrots.

Swordfish Sicilian-Style

In 2018, Food & Wine named this recipe, from cookbook author Marcella Hazan, one of our 40 best recipes ever. The simplicity of the preparation is masked by the volume of the flavors, which come to life with the aid of oregano, lemon juice, and olive oil.

Little Gems with Warm Garlic Dressing

Inspired by the tapas bars of Córdoba, this salad from José Andrés hits all the right early-fall notes: it’s light yet hearty, tossed with a garlicky dressing that’s both a little sweet and little spicy.

Riesling-Pear Pops

Summer might be largely over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop eating popsicles. With that frozen consistency but more muted flavors, these Riesling-pear pops strike a happy medium.

Roasted Kabocha with Maple Syrup and Ginger

Cookbook author Melissa Clark likes sweetening up slices of roasted winter squash, so she roasts them with maple syrup, olive oil, fresh ginger and thyme. It’s a simple idea, but the combination of flavors highlights the squash in a delicious way. Another bonus: The recipe can easily be made ahead and served at room temperature.

Rosemary Flatbread with Blue Cheese, Grapes and Honey

Whether served as part of a charcuterie board or with a glass of good wine, this aromatic flatbread is ideal for an early fall dinner party.

Fresh Shell Bean Stew

This hearty bean stew is warming and fresh, with lots of herbs and spices to ensure maximum flavor.

Ravioli Nudi in Tomato Sauce

These cute little nudi really are nude-y. Their name means “naked ravioli,” and that’s exactly what they are: simmered balls of ravioli filling minus the pasta dough covering.

Black Mission Fig Clafoutis

Chef Matthew Accarrino uses fig slices to top this skillet-baked clafoutis. Topped with port-infused whipped cream, this modern take on a classic French dessert works just as well for an after-dinner treat as it does a Sunday brunch substitute for pancakes.

Brussels Sprouts and Smoky Onions on Cheddar Toast

Known for her vegetarian cooking, Deborah Madison’s indulgent cheddar toasts make for an unexpected dinner party hors d’oeuvre.

Fennel-and-Grapefruit-Rubbed Snapper

Food & Wine Culinary Director Justin Chapple flavors this snapper by rubbing it with a mix of crushed fennel seeds and grapefruit zest. The end result? A bite full of sweet citrus and slightly-charred black licorice.

Roasted-Cauliflower-and-Sesame Spread

This coarse cauliflower spread is a fun way to change up the typical dinner party dips. It goes well with toasted pita as well as fresh crudité.

Tomatoes with Herbs and Almond Vinaigrette

Take advantage of the last summer tomatoes by making chef Dan Kluger’s simple but deeply satisfying salad. He uses the oil from the toasted nuts to mix a vinaigrette you’ll want to hang onto all season.

Chocolate Pretzels 
with Sea Salt

You know that chocolate-covered pretzels from Daniel Humm aren’t just any chocolate-covered pretzels. These crunchy treats are made of white chocolate and ground gluten-free pretzels that’s piped into a pretzel shape, chilled, then dipped in dark chocolate—perfect for a lunchbox dessert.

Rib Eye Steaks with Grilled Radicchio

Why are chef Renee Erickson’s rib eye steaks so juicy? For one thing, they’re basted with anchovy-cumin butter as they sear. The dish also calls for a side of winter-ready grilled radicchio for a bitter note to complement the sweetness of the meat.

Gin-and-Orange-Juice-Braised Endives

Belgian endives are typically pretty bitter, but the orange juice and honey in this braised version takes the edge off. The gin provides a nice kick and the garnish—sliced scallions and roasted pumpkin seeds—offers the perfect amount of crunch and spice.

Apple-Ginger Crostata

When the weather starts cooling down, crostata is a great way to get your pie feet wet. Food & Wine Culinary Director Justin Chapple uses store-bought puff pastry as the base for this beautiful apple-ginger version.

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