Everything on This Halloween Menu Is Made of Pop-Tarts

Pop-Tarts are about to get a slightly disturbing—yet perhaps even more delicious—makeover.

Kellogg’s NYC café, a restaurant in Manhattan that specializes in breakfast cereal, will be adding Halloween-themed desserts to its menu all using the classic breakfast pastry. From October 24 to October 27 between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m., three new Pop-Tart recipes will be available for purchase at the eatery.

The first is the Finger Freezer Milkshakes topped with strawberry Pop-Tart strips, gummy manicured fingers and dripping with red syrup, which make the drink look as if it is bleeding.

Another kooky invention to experience will be offering is a chance to see the Pop-Tarts Crypt beneath Kellogg’s NYC café. If the pastries don’t scare you and you seek something more frightening, tickets are on sale now both online and inside the restaurant for anyone 18 and older.


Also on the menu will be Fang Sandwiches, which are frosted blueberry Pop-Tarts filled with marshmallow teeth, blue syrup and cherry Pop-Tart cake pops. (Warning: they just might turn your mouth blue.)

Kellogg’s NYC’s menu also includes a variety of cereal-based treats, along with various toppings like maple bacon, roasted pistachios and Eggo waffle croutons you can add to any bowl of cereal.

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