27 Watermelon Recipes That Are Perfect for Summer

Watermelon, Cucumber, and Feta Salad

Cucumbers add a welcome crunch to this refreshing summer salad of cubed watermelon, fresh herbs, and crumbled feta cheese. You can replace the fresh mint with basil if you prefer, or use a combination of both herbs. A personal-sized seedless watermelon is just the right size for this salad, but you can also use pre-cut melon or a portion of a larger watermelon. Be sure to dress the salad right before serving it to prevent the melon and cucumbers from watering down the vinaigrette

Watermelon-Jalapeño Relish

Fresh-cut summer melon is best, but precubed melon will work in a pinch. Spoon this over grilled pork chops or fish, or serve it with tortilla chips for a twist on salsa.

Steamed Shrimp and Watermelon Salad

Steaming the shrimp helps prevent overcooking and keeps it succulent. Watermelon makes a surprisingly good pairing.

Double-Serrano Watermelon Bites

These bites are a step up from classic prosciutto-wrapped melon and provide sweet, spicy, salty, tart, and meaty tastes. If you can’t find serrano ham, use prosciutto; you also can use balsamic glaze in place of pomegranate molasses.

Spicy Scallops with Watermelon Salsa

Here we season quick-cooking scallops with inspiration from Caribbean pepper pot recipes. To get a nice sear on the scallops without any sticking, be sure to thoroughly pat your scallops dry and preheat the skillet until it’s nice and hot. The spicy scallops are cooled by the sweet, minty watermelon salsa. Ask for “dry” sea scallops at the fish counter. Other scallops have been treated with a sodium solution that prevents them from browning nicely and can make the texture of the meat less pleasant.

Watermelon Salad with Kalamata Olive Vinaigrette

A simple, fresh watermelon salad says summer like nothing else. With the addition of crumbled feta cheese and a chunky olive dressing, the salty-sweet balance of this watermelon salad in particular is especially on-point. The secret to this Kalamata vinaigrette, which would be excellent with any blend of summer melons, is the toasted walnuts. The robust nuts temper the intense brininess of the olives to just the right level, while also giving the dressing another layer of rich flavor. If you’re hesitant about salting your watermelon, just trust us on this one—sprinkling the juicy summer fruit with salt actually amps up the sweetness. 

Sriracha-Lime Grilled Watermelon

Watermelon, Cucumber, and Burrata Salad

Watermelon and Scallop Ceviche

If you can’t find bay scallops, which are small, buy a pound of sea scallops and cut them into quarters.

La Croix Watermelon Agua Fresca

Similar to a margarita, this tequila-based cocktail gets an upgrade with fresh watermelon juice. Ultra-refreshing and hydrating, this summertime cocktail is the perfect combination of citrusy bubbles, seasonal summer produce, and a splash of booze.

Watermelon-Cucumber Gin and Tonic

How to Make Instant Pot Watermelon Rind Pickles

Sip Watermelon Rum Punch Directly from the Fruit

Spike Your Watermelon with Tequila

This Spiked Watermelon Lemonade Recipe Will Save You from the Heat

Instant Pot Watermelon Rinds Are the Snack of the Summer

Hot-Sweet Grilled Watermelon

Tim Love likes to use guajillo chile powder here, which provides moderate heat. Cayenne or chipotle powder would also work.

Watermelon-Basil Salad

You can substitute unseasoned rice vinegar or fresh lime juice for the white balsamic, adding a touch of honey if needed. Fresh mint can stand in for the basil.

Watermelon Granita with Hibiscus Syrup and Yogurt

Karen Hatfield serves this sophisticated granita at her LA restaurant, Odys + Penelope. Dried hibiscus flowers can be found at specialty markets, Latin markets, and health food stores. You can substitute grenadine syrup to good effect, but Hatfield asserts that hibiscus syrup best complements the fruit in this dish.

Watermelon-Tomato Salad

Watermelon-Tomato Salsa

Transform juicy summer watermelon and tomatoes into a vibrant sweet-tangy salsa that’s perfect for anything from scooping with tortilla chips to spooning over grilled chicken. For a vibrant appetizer, you can also use this simple, yet scrumptious, recipe as the red band of our “Rainbow” Salsa. 

Watermelon Syrup

Watermelon-Lime Pops with Chile Dipping Salt

Watermelon Gazpacho

Watermelon Smoothies

Watermelon-Mint Lemonade

Citrus Yogurt With Watermelon Dippers 

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