Watch Lance Bass Eat Spicy Grasshoppers

Lance Bass is joining Angelina Jolie on the list of celebs who aren’t afraid to eat bugs.

In this clip from a new episode of Bravo’s web series Going Off the Menu, the former boy band member travels with Chef Graham Elliot to one of L.A.’s hottest new Mexican spots, Salazar. Though they’re known for carne asada tacos (and, perhaps more excitingly, carne asada french fries), Bass and Elliot decided to be a little more adventurous.

“I grew up around New Orleans. I love the heat; I like some spice!,” Bass says. Since the show’s premise revolves around trying secret dishes that aren’t on the menu, Salazar’s chef Esdras Ochoa sent out something to please Bass’s palate: Ghost pepper salsa with fried chapulines (a.k.a. grasshoppers).

As Chef Elliot points out, the ghost pepper packs a heat about 10,000 times greater than a jalapeño, and the grasshoppers provide a protein-packed crunch. Though he’s skeptical at first, Bass loads the salsa on his taco and deems it “amazing.”

“I love things like this because I’m always looking for adventures to take my friends, and then you look so cool in front of them,” Bass says. “I’ll be talking about this salsa for the next two years.”

If you’re in the L.A. area and want to try out the illusive salsa yourself, the episode instructs you to go in and ask for the “secret stash.”

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