20 Recipes to Help You Make the Most of Your Instant Pot

Instant Pot Salted Caramel-Pecan Cheesecake

Rich, creamy, and smooth, this cheesecake “bakes” surprisingly well right in the Instant Pot. Drizzle your remaining caramel sauce on top after the dessert cools to make this showstopping cake look as amazing as it tastes. 

Instant Pot Black Beans

Replace canned black beans (and the preservatives) easily with some help from your Instant Pot, no soaking required. 

Instant Pot Oxtails

Oxtails might be considered a “tough” cut of beef, but when they’re stewed at a gentle simmer for hours, the meat melts right off of the bones. In other words, braised oxtails are a perfect hearty comfort food to warm you during the cooler months. And thanks to the Instant Pot, you can pressure cook and enjoy this meaty, succulent dish within an hour (as opposed to the 2-3 hours typically required). The touch of molasses serves to deepen the color of the gravy and balance the earthiness of the spices and herbs. The tomato, tomato paste, and starchy cannellini beans combine to help to create a thick, rich gravy that’s best served over rice (in our opinion). With the speedy power of the Instant Pot, oxtails can now be an approachable everyday dinner.

Nut-Seed-Beer Loaf 

Mornings can be so hectic. We know that. Let your slow cooker relieve the pressure of cooking breakfast with this overnight Instant Pot recipe.


Instant Pot Peanut Brittle

This Instant Pot candy recipe delivers a classic candy shop treat with no intimidation factor. In fact, you don’t even need a candy thermometer to make this perfectly porous and crisp brittle. While it makes a scrumptious treat any time of year, our Instant Pot Peanut Brittle is especially awesome to make during the holiday season. Being that the recipe produces a generous yield of candy, it’s an excellent goody for gifting. A key factor in candy cooking is making sure you sugar granules are completely dissolved. If you want to give your brittle a little test as it cooks, take your wooden spoon or rubber spatula (whatever you’re using to stir the mixture) to scoop a small amount of the melted sugar mixture and spread a thin layer onto a paper plate. This allows you to see any sugar crystals that may still be in the mixture, as well as observe how the mixture hardens as it cools. If the mixture hardens like glass and cracks easily, you know it’s ready. 

Easy Pressure Cooker Chicken Pho

For pho, it’s legitimately all about the intensely delicious broth. And thanks to the flavor-concentrating power of the pressure cooker, we were able to make a robust and dynamic chicken broth—using shallots, fresh ginger and cilantro, and a few spices—in a matter of minutes.

Instant Pot Whole-Milk Yogurt

Making your own batch of versatile, nutritious, probiotic-rich yogurt has never been easier. We all know the Instant Pot is awesome acting as both a slow cooker and a pressure cooker, but if you’ve ever wondered about the other claim on the box—Wait, can I really make yogurt in my Instant Pot?—trust us, we tried it out and it’s actually super simple using the Instant Pot’s “Yogurt” setting.

Chocolate-Espresso Pudding Cake

You no longer need an oven to bake a cake; you just need your InstantPot. This recipe requires just under 30 minutes from start to finish. The result? A warm, gooey pudding cake with irresistable flavor combination that is coffee and chocolate.

Instant Pot Rice

This easy Instant Pot Rice recipe yields the perfect pot of fluffy white rice—i.e. the ideal blank dinner canvas. To amp the flavor up a bit, upgrade your pot to Instant Pot Coconut Rice, Instant Pot Green Rice, or Instant Pot Saffron Rice. 

Instant Pot Chicken Wings

Make homemade wings in minutes with some help from your Instant Pot. Everyone’s favorite pressure cooker get your chicken wings cooked through quickly, while the broiler crisps them up. Serve with crunchy veggie sticks and the sauce of your choosing. 

Instant Pot Roasted Garlic

Enjoy the richly aromatic, delicately sweet flavors of roasted garlic in half the time thanks to the Instant Pot. While this method does not produce as much browning on the garlic cloves, they are perfectly tender and ready to be served on an antipasto platter, mashed into a compound butter, or pureed into sauces, salad dressing, and spreads. There’s no shortage of ways to harness the flavor bomb potential of this Instant Pot “roasted” garlic. 

Instant Pot Breakfast Ratatouille

Instant Pot Eye of Round Roast Beef

Steel Cut Oatmeal with Apples

Wake up to the smell of oats, subtle coconut, warm spices, and Granny Smith apples. All you have to do is let your slow cooker or Instant Pot to make breakfast. What could be better than that? This recipe serves 10 and is gluten-free, so it’s perfect for serving family and friends during the holidays. 

Instant Pot Risotto with Seared Scallops

Elegant date night worthy dinner out of your Instant Pot? Oh yes you can. This Instant Pot risotto is ready in half the time as the classic stovetop method. Just be sure the grains are well coated in oil before adding your liquid in order to prevent clumping. Using this easy technique, the richly creamy rice dish makes a perfect blank canvas for experimenting with all of your favorite add-ins, such as green peas or butternut squash. If you’re not feeling scallops, shrimp would be equally delicious in this elegant yet effortless seafood dinner. 

Instant Pot Lasagna

Weeknight dinner doesn’t get easier than this—we’re talking cheesy, gooey, and ready in a flash. The next time the craving for hearty, comfort food strikes, just remember, Instant Pot Lasagna has your back.

Instant Pot Cranberry Sauce

This powerful cranberry-apple sauce carries enough flavors to make it go far. Keep it traditional and serve with turkey, or think outside the box and use a dollop on this Instant Pot Pumpkin Soup. Although it’s quick and easy to make, we’d suggest prepping it a few days in advance—this Instant Pot Cranberry Sauce only gets better with time. 

Instant Pot Butter Chicken

If you say you don’t like Indian food, you’ve probably never tried butter chicken. This easy dish is mild on spice (unless you don’t want it to be) and big on flavor – perfect for a weeknight dinner. 

Instant Pot Sunday Sauce and Meatballs

Sure the idea of “Sunday sauce” is great, but the reality is, you’re not always going to have the flexibility to start a pot of sauce in the morning and stay home while it cooks throughout the day—even on the weekend. However, thanks to the ever-handy Instant Pot you can enjoy the robust flavor of a slow-simmered tomato sauce in less than an hour. Serve the sauce and meatballs over your favorite hot, cooked pasta for a hearty, highly comforting meal. 

Pressure Cooker Chicken and Black Pepper Dumplings

Just a touch of fresh lemon and tarragon add a subtle touch of sophistication to an otherwise classic and wholly comforting pot of chicken and dumplings.

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