A Chef's Secret for Saving Dry Meatloaf

The best meatloaf is hearty, dense, and perfectly moist. Savory seasonings are important, but really, it’s the luscious, tender texture of meatloaf that we crave.

After the work you put in gathering the long list of ingredients, tirelessly mixing away, and baking it for at least an hour, a dry meatloaf is nothing short of a tragedy. Whether it’s grainy, overcooked, or made with meat that was too lean, you’d rather not put it on the table tonight.

But all of your hard work will not go to waste. We have a brilliant way to make your meatloaf delicious and desirable again, just in time for dinner.

WATCH: Save Dry Meatloaf With Avocado

Topping dry meatloaf with avocado adds creaminess and rich moisture, masking an unpleasantly grainy consistency. Avocado has binding superpowers, clinging to the dry slab of meatloaf and restoring it to its optimum texture. With a mild butteriness, avocado will enhance the classic comfort food without adding any untraditional flavors.

The Avocado-Meatloaf Melt

Start by mashing an avocado with the back of a spoon until it’s smooth and set aside. Spread butter on two slices of bread and toast them butter-side-down on a medium-high skillet until they’re golden. Brown two pieces of your meatloaf in the same skillet, then place them on the toasted side of one bread slice.

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Smear a thick layer of avocado onto the meatloaf, then drizzle with ketchup for extra flavor. Top with a slice of your favorite melty cheese (we used white cheddar) and cover the whole creation with the other toasted bread slice (again, golden-side-down). Butter the outside of both slices so they get the same crispy crust, and lay the sandwich back on the skillet to toast.

If your cheese doesn’t melt after a few minutes on the warm surface, try another pro tip from Chef Adam Hickman. Cover the sandwich with a large metal bowl, holding the heat inside and creating a steam room perfect for melting cheese. Try it with your grilled cheese, too!

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