The Easiest Brunch Hack for Your Waffle Iron

Waffle irons are one of the most unique (and just plain fun) appliances in the kitchen. Why keep them limited to your Sunday morning waffles?

Lightweight, portable, and easy to clean, the waffle iron is brunch’s best friend. Heat from the iron is applied to both sides of the food, speeding up the cook time and giving you the crispy, golden edges you crave. Imagine having all the benefits of a panini press and a toaster oven in one little honeycombed package. That, my friends, is within reach.

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Carbs are simply better in waffle form, and this recipe proves it. The best part is there’s no real prep work required. You can have these “waffles” on the table in no time without dirtying a single dish. Chances are, you probably have all the ingredients leftover from a weeknight dinner.

WATCH: How To Make Waffle Iron Pizza Biscuits

Waffle Iron Pizza Biscuits

Start with a package of prepared biscuit dough. Roll each biscuit out flat with any rolling pin-shaped utensil you can find (we opted for a can of cooking spray). Spoon a few scoops of jarred tomato sauce onto the dough avoiding the edges, as if you were assembling a real pizza.

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Layer on a mild shredded cheese and the rest of your favorite pizza toppings. Be careful not to over-stuff the dough so that the fillings don’t spill out in the cooking process—it’s not the end of the world, but might as well save yourself a little clean-up time. Top with another round of flattened biscuit dough and fold the edges over tightly to seal.

Sprinkle with more cheese before transferring to the hot waffle iron for a 2 to 3-minute cook. Cut the pizza waffle into wedges and serve while it’s hot.

Pizza for breakfast doesn’t get much simpler (or more delicious) than this.

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