Top 10 Things I Always Buy at ALDI—And You Should Too


While some of the fun of ALDI shopping is finding what's new and exciting, discovering a new flavor of European chocolate, or a fancy cheese (or cheesecake-flavored dessert hummus!), I have found that there are classics of the ALDI experience that I turn to again and again as staples. Here are my top 10 ALDI finds, from fancy granola and a budget version of Nutella to mini crackers and kicking hot/sweet mustard. Your pantry—and family—will thank you!

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Simply Nature Freeze Dried Fruits

These treats are one of my favorite things to get here. Strawberries, mango, apple … they’re all terrific for healthy snacking, but also as an ingredient in cooking. I mix them into granola or trail mixes, blitz them to powder for baking, crumble them into ice cream. Once you keep them on hand, you’ll find all sorts of reasons to use them!

Buy It: Simply Nature Freeze Dried Strawberries ($2.99),


Burman’s Spicy Brown Mustard

This mustard is the one I turn to when I need more punch than I get with Dijon or yellow. It is wonderrful as a dip for pretzels, or on sandwiches, but it sings with stuff right off the grill like sausages. It is a kickier mustard for vinaigrettes, and a much better choice for potato salad dressing than plain old yellow.

Buy It: Burman’s Spicy Brown Mustard ($1.75), 


Berryhill Hot Honeys

With both chili and sriracha flavors to choose from, I’ve got these spicy honeys in regular rotation. Added as a sweetener in salad dressings or sauces, drizzled over cheeses, used as a dip for chicken wings or even lavished on pizza (don’t knock it till you try it), this honey is a surprising, sweet, and spicy addition to many foods.

Buy It: Berryhill Chili Hot Honey ($3.99),

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Berryhill Hazelnut Spread

This Nutella competitor is all of the flavor at a fraction of the price. And since I use it not just as a spread on bread, but also in recipes, I love that I can keep it stocked without busting the budget.

Buy It: Berryhill Hazelnut Spread ($2.09),


Priano Cheese Ravioli

This frozen cheese ravioli is almost always in my chiller. This is a quick meal waiting to happen when you don’t have the bandwidth to think too hard about dinner, but also super versatile. I have made lazy lasagnas by layering the cooked ravioli with sauce, used them in pasta salads, and chilled with a pesto dip for entertaining.

Buy It: Priano Cheese Ravioli ($3.15),


Northern Catch Smoked Oysters

Either plain or kicked up with red chili pepper, these are really handy to have in your pantry. Pop open a can and serve with crackers and some olives and you have an instant cocktail hour hit on your hands.

Buy It: Northern Catch Smoked Oysters Red Chili ($1.35),


Park Deli Classic Guacamole Mini Cups

In regular or spicy, these single serve cups are a godsend if you are a household of one or two and a large tub of guac will go brown and awful well before you finish it. Makes a perfect avocado toast or taco topping with no waste.

Buy It: Park Deli Classic Guacamole Mini Cups ($3.65), 


Gourmet Snacking Cheeses

If you, like me, are always in need of fast hits of midday protein, and get a little sick of string cheese, these grown-up sticks are for you. In flavors like aged Gouda and Habanero Jack, you can avoid a chip or cookie based snaccident and still get some real pleasure out of a cheese stick!

Buy It: Happy Farms Preferred Habanero Jack Snack Stick ($3.69),


Millville Oats and Dark Chocolate Protein Crunchy Granola

More than just a breakfast cereal, granola can be a wonderful thing to keep around. This not-too-sweet granola is a terrific topper for yogurt or ice cream, swapped in for streusel on a muffin, and a surprising treat on top of a berry crisp.

Buy It: Millville Oats and Dark Chocolate Protein Crunchy Granola ($3.29),


Savoritz Mini Sandwich Crackers

In either cheese or peanut butter, these individual portion bags of the ALDI take on Ritz mini sandwich crackers are a super snackable treat. Perfect with a glass of wine or cocktail, or as a mid-afternoon slump nibble. I also like to sneak the peanut butter flavor version into a classic Asian rice cracker snack mix for a surprise bonus.

Buy It: Savoritz Mini Cheese Sandwich Crackers ($4.39), 

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