Oscars Viewing Party Microwave Snack Ideas

Buffalo-Style Snack Mix

Both buttery and spicy, this Buffalo-style snack mix gets a triple buzz from hot sauce, cayenne and freshly ground black pepper.

Salty Almond Rice Krispie Bites

Work quickly—or better yet—get a few willing hands to help when you’re scooping and rolling this adult version of a Rice Krispie treat; the mixture stiffens slightly as it cools.

Bacon-Rosemary Party Mix

This sweet-salty party mix is a testament to the microwave’s versatility. Cook bacon to a crisp, stovetop-like finish? No problem. Dry fresh rosemary without a dehydrator? Easy-peasy. Next, honey-roasted peanuts and pretzels are tossed with olive oil, honey, smoked paprika and crushed red pepper, then—you guessed it—microwaved until almost crunchy.

Miso Caramel Corn

We use microwaved popcorn for our miso-flavored (surprise!) caramel corn but, sure, 9 cups of air-popped or old-school stovetop-popped kernels would work nicely, too.

Warm Beer and Cheese Dip

Spiked with English ale, dry mustard powder and a pinch of cayenne, this warm, gooey Welsh rarebit-type dip goes great with pretzels, crackers and, especially, sliced salami. 

Cheddar Fricos with Salsa Fresca

Elegant entertaining from the microwave? Yup. It transforms shredded white cheddar into these lacy all-cheese crackers—no flour necessary. You will eat several without pausing but, eventually, stop to scoop up some of the juicy tomato salsa

Dark Chocolate Fudge with Candied Ginger and Pistachios

Melting chocolate in the microwave makes the process really easy and quick—no double boiler, no water bath necessary. To prepare this festive fudge, just stir a few flavorings into the melted-chocolate base. We add pistachios, dried cherries and candied ginger but white chocolate chips, dried apricots or chopped walnuts would give it the proper crunch and sweet-tangy notes, too.

Pomegranate Mochi

Borrowing a technique from pastry chef Jennifer Yee, these chewy, fruity, jewel-toned mochi are prepared in the microwave with a mix of pomegranate juice and lime juice. We used a 3/4-inch round cutter to make them gumdrop size, but you can also cut the candies into squares (sharpen your knife!) or use another small cookie cutter.

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