10 Things You Should Know Before Drinking Mezcal

Maestro Dobel Tequila, an 11th generation distillery, launched Humito, a smoked silver tequila. The genius behind the bottle says it’s a riff on old-school tequila production, when they used to cook with agave with mesquite wood.

Forget everything you know about the worm in the bottle.

For starters, it’s not even a worm, it’s a larva—and it’s a giant gimmick. Larvae really do find their way into agave plants (and therefore the spirits produced from them), but many American bars add the little guys to bottles just to boost sales. They’re not a requirement or indication of good mezcal; if anything, they should deter you. As for the larvae’s hallucinatory powers? That’s complete BS.
Again, Gaston’s mission with IZO was to stray from the gimmicky mezcals and bring something sophisticated to the U.S. You can find a list of stores (include Costco!) and restaurants and bars where IZO is sold on the brand’s site, here. Or, shop online: BUY NOW. Every bottle comes with a unique, one-of-a-kind stopper.
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