25 of the Best Red Cabbage Recipes

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Sauteed Red Cabbage

This simple recipe from Rachael Ray is the best way to showcase the natural flavors of red cabbage. Just a simple sauté with onions, cider vinegar, a touch of sugar and mustard seeds leaves you with a perfect side dish to any meal.

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Yucatan Chicken Puffy Tacos with Peanut-Red Chili BBQ Sauce and Red Cabbage Slaw

If you’re looking for a weekend project that will make you feel like a master chef, check out this recipe from Bobby Flay. The cabbage slaw is a refreshing counterbalance to the boldly-spiced chicken thanks to the addition of fresh mint. The tortillas get their airy puffiness from frying instead of cooking on a griddle or a comal (a Mexican griddle).

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Grilled Cabbage Caesar

This is a striking variation on a classic Caesar salad using a whole head of red cabbage instead of romaine lettuce. It gets the crunchy addition of tangy sourdough croutons that you make yourself in a jiffy. One of the best parts of this recipe: there’s no raw egg to deal with when making the dressing!

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Beet, Ginger and Red Cabbage Soup

If you get all tingly whenever you see magenta, then you’ll love this soup. It combines red cabbage and fresh beets with some potatoes for a hearty potage. Topped with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkle of chopped walnuts, you have the recipe for a family favorite.

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Red Cabbage Slaw

This flavorful slaw recipe from Bobby Flay is full of citrusy flavors from orange and lime juice along with some herbaceous notes from fresh basil and cilantro. A touch of honey brings some sweetness to this refreshing red cabbage recipe.

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Pan Fried Turkey Cutlets with Braised Red Cabbage and Roasted Oranges

This dish gets all its complexity from a gorgeous braised red cabbage featuring roasted oranges. The caramelized sugars in the oranges bring out the inner sweetness of the red cabbage, and a hit of cinnamon gives this dish a soothing, warm quality.

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Jewish Brisket Sandwich with Smoked Mozzarella and Red Cabbage Slaw

This creation from Jeff Mauro is inspired by an Ashkenazi Jewish favorite: braised brisket. The smokiness of the mozzarella echoes the rich umami flavors of the brisket, while the tart red cabbage slaw features a sweet kick from jarred cherry peppers.

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Mardi Gras Salad

Kardea Brown’s recipe for Mardi Gras salad evokes the vibrant colors of this yearly New Orleans celebration. But the varied hues of its ingredients aren’t the only reminder of the Crescent City. A dash of zesty Creole seasoning gives this recipe that Big Easy signature kick.

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Jicama and Red Cabbage Slaw

Trisha Yearwood combines amethyst-hued red cabbage with crunch batons of jicama, a refreshing root vegetable commonly used in Mexican cuisine. Adding to the Mexican influence, this recipe calls for Mexican-style sour cream, called crema, as the dressing.

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Crispy Skin Arctic Char with Butter-Braised Cabbage

This simple recipe doesn’t muddle the flavors of the star ingredients with too many additional ones. This not only highlights the fish and red cabbage but also makes it incredibly simple to make.

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Roasted Salmon Tacos

This light salmon tacos feature a simple red cabbage slaw perfumed with a generous amount of fresh cilantro leaves. The finishing touch is a creamy avocado sour cream with just the right amount of heat from pickled jalapeños.

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Red Cabbage Chips

Give those kale chips a break with these these moreish, low-carb and keto-friendly veggie chips. Just three simple ingredients and five minutes in the microwave and you have yourself a healthy and unique snack.

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Braised Red Cabbage

This is Molly Yeh’s interpretation of a classic European-style braised red cabbage. It has all the right elements for a delicious side or even a main course: caraway seeds, apples, dill, and a touch of cider vinegar.

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Danish Meatball Burgers with Pickled Red Cabbage

If getting a plate of meatballs is a highlight of any trip to IKEA, then this may be your new favorite burger. Danish-style meatballs are similiar to the more commonly-known Swedish except that they’re bigger. The tangy cabbage slaw features a secret ingredient that takes it to the next level: red currant jam.

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Microwave Red Cabbage with Bacon and Caraway Seeds

Sometimes all you have is enough time to quickly microwave a meal. However, that doesn’t mean you have to reach for a frozen meal. Try this quick recipe for red cabbage with crispy bacon and fragrtant caraway seeds.

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Pork and Cabbage with Wild Rice and Spiced Apple

This comforting dish all gets roasted on a single baking sheet, giving the red cabbage a slightly caramelized flavor. The secret to this dish’s goodness is a sprinkling of apple pie spice, whose warm, sweet spices are a wonderful addition to the pork, cabbage and apples.

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Crispy Tuna-Cake Sliders with Citrus Slaw

These light slighters can be whipped up easily thanks to the main ingredient in the patties: canned tuna. This also makes them much more affordable to make than crab cakes or fresh tuna sliders. The red cabbage slaw features a shower of poppy seeds, whose crunch adds a pleasant texture to this sandwich.

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Brisket Tacos With Red Cabbage

Alex Guarnaschelli gives us this sumptous recipe for braised brisket tacos with plenty of roasted garlic. For a crunchy and refreshing contrast, these meaty tacos are topped with a simple red cabbage slaw with just the right amount of kick thanks to a squirt of Sriracha.

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5-Ingredient Chicken Sausage with Braised Red Cabbage

This recipe is for days (or nights) when you have a lot of red cabbage and little time to put a tasty meal on the table. The recipe title doesn’t lie! All you need is red cabbage, red onion, an apple, some healthy chicken sausage and a spalsh of apple cider viinegar to make this dish.

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Red Cabbage Cake

Carrot cake is a perennial favorite, and you may have even ventured to try zucchini bread. If you know that veggies can live happily in desserts (and dessert-y bakes), then you need to try this cake. Instead of the typical cream cheese or butter cream frosting, this recipe calls for a healthier alternative made with Greek yogurt.

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Crispy-Skin Salmon Provencal with Charred Red Cabbage Salad

This complete meal from Jeff Mauro features a warm salad starring charred red cabbage and yellow onions. The smoky flavors pair beautifully with the crispy-skinned salmon, while the addition of orange segments bring a bright burst of acidity to this dish.

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My Grandma’s Braised Cabbage

Melissa d’Arabian’s recipe for simple braised cabbage goes back to the basics. The combination of red cabbage, apples, brown sugar and red wine can’t be beat and is just as good as leftovers as it is the first time around. In other words, you may want to make a lot of this.

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Schnitzel Biscuits

We can always expect Jeff Mauro to deliver tasty and innovative sandwich creations, and this one is no exception. Crispy fried pork cutlets are nestled in between tender bicuit halves and topped with a German-inspired braised cabbage. The finishing touch is a sweet raspberry mayo!

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Red Cabbage-Endive Salad

This tasty salad has some French influences from endive, heavy cream and dijon mustard. A generous amount of walnuts provides some nutty crunch that pairs wonderfully with the crisp textures of the veggies, while just a touch of sugar counters the bitterness of the endive.

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Pulled Pork Sandwich with Red Cabbage Slaw

Tyler Florence’s recipe for pulled pork sandwiches gets finished with a classic coleslaw featuring a combination of crinkly savoy cabbage and crunchy red cabbage. A mixture of sour cream and mayonnaise give it a nuanced richness and a pinch of sugar brings out the cabbages underlying sweetness while balancing out the pork’s savoriness.

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