Abalone with spinach

prepared this and lemon baked chicken for fathers’ day as my dad was craving for an abalone dish?


  1. 1 can abalone
  2. abalone brine
  3. 150 g spinach
  4. 120 ml chicken broth
  5. 2 tbspn oyster sauce
  6. 3/4 tbspn potato or corn starch
  7. 2 cloves garlic


  1. Wash the spinach and cut them into 3 inches long each

  2. Mince the garlic and set them aside

  3. Boil water to blanch the stalk for 2 mins and the leaves for 1min

  4. Remove the spinach and plate them in the middle of the plate

  5. Heat the abalone and the brine

  6. Remove the abalone to slice, then plate them around the spinach

  7. Add chicken stock, garlic, oyster sauce and starch to the brine and continue heating for 1-2 more minutes

  8. Pour the sauce onto the abalone and spinach

  9. The dish is now ready to be served!!

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