Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

This dish is regarded as a Chinese delicacy. The origin of this dish goes back to Qing Dynasty in Fuzhou, Fujjan Province,where there was a scholar travelling there started cooking a dish with whatever ingredients he had in his bag.The smells spread over to a nearby Buddhist monastery and where one of the monks tempted to jump over the wall to check out whats cooking.

Today, there are variety of recipe and some name it Premium Chicken Soup because its basically a chicken soup with seafood ingredients. Our recipe here is a simplified version for home cooking and it still taste fantastic. As you begin to boil the soup,the chicken bone, scallop,oyster,abalone and ginseng will release its aroma and its a must try to cook it at home to enjoy its goodness.


  1. 2 Chicken carcass bone
  2. Ingredients A
  3. 8 Pork ribs / bone meat
  4. 8 pcs Abalone
  5. 10 pcs Dried Scallop
  6. 10 pcs Dried Oysters
  7. 8 pcs Shitake Mushroom
  8. 1 Medium size Black Fungus
  9. 2 pcs Ginseng
  10. Solomons Seal – Yuk Chu
  11. Codonopsis root – Dong Sum
  12. 5 pcs Red dates
  13. 5 pcs Black dates
  14. Ingredients B
  15. 4 Chicken drumstick
  16. 1 Sea Cucumber
  17. 1 Fish Maw
  18. Some Goji berries
  19. to taste Seasoning
  20. 2 tbsp abalone sauce
  21. 1 tbsp oyster sauce
  22. 2 tsp salt
  23. 3 litres water


  1. Soak in water overnight for the mushroom, oysters, scallop and black fungus. Soak the fish maw in hot water for 10 minutes to remove exess oil.

  2. Boil 3 litres of water in a pot with chicken bones first. Boil for 15 minutes in medium heat. Add in ingredients A and simmer for 30 minutes in low heat.

  3. Add in ingredients B and simmer for another 10 minutes in low heat. Finally add seasoning and simmer for another 15 minutes and serve.

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