Guilt free brown rice Zongzi (sweet and savory versions) 糙米甜、咸粽


  1. Sweet filling version
  2. 4 cups brown rice
  3. 1/4 cup black rice
  4. 10 red jujubes
  5. 20 bamboo wrapping leaves
  6. Savoury filling version
  7. 4 cups brown rice
  8. 10 pieces dry aged or soy sauce marinated pork belly
  9. 10 roasted chestnuts
  10. 20 bamboo wrapping leaves


  1. Soak rice in two container for 24 hours ahead of the time to sprout. This method not only improves the texture but also boosts nutritional value tremendously.

  2. Soak the leaves in cold water, pressed down, for 24 hours. Wash each leave after soaking.

  3. Be creative with stuffing materials. My favorite savory stuffing is dry aged pork belly or marinated pork belly. You can use marinated chicken, mushroom or anything with deep rich flavors. For sweet version, I didn’t use added sugar, simply put in a jujube, you can use other dried fruits such as dates, mulberry or longan. Plain rice is always a classic.

  4. Wrap up zongzi and tie each well with straws or cotton twine. Each at about 5 oz in final weight.

  5. Pressure cook for 2 hours on high pressure. Choose natural release and keep warm function. The longer it cooks, the better it tastes.

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