Marinade mushrooms

Is great in spaghetti or any type of marinaras


  1. 2 lb Mushrooms 2 boxes 6 Garlic Cloves 1/2 cup Lemon Juice
  2. Marinade
  3. 2 cup Water 1 tbsp Sugar 1 tbsp Salt 6 Bay Leaves
  4. 8 Peppercorns whole
  5. 6 tbsp vinegar



    Clean and wash mushrooms, put them in a pot. Fill enough water to cover the mushrooms.

  2. Add lemon juice to the water, bring it to a boil and cook for 15 minutes. When mushrooms are cooked, drain the liquid and set aside.

  3. Into a separate pot, place water, salt, sugar, bay leaves and peppercorns, bring it to a boil.

  4. Once sugar and salt has dissolved, add vinegar to the ingredients, remove from heat and set aside.

  5. Clean and dice garlic into small pieces, place diced garlic on the bottom of the jars. Fill jars with cooked mushrooms.

  6. Pour marinade over the mushrooms. Cover, using lids, and store them in a refrigerator. They can be stored in a refrigerator up to a few weeks.

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