Our 10 Most Popular Cucumber Recipes of All Time

Cool, crisp cucumbers are a welcome relief this time of year, when temperatures are only continuing to rise. We’ll take the hydrating veg in just about any form, be it in salads, drinks, or simply crunched on as a snack. And you all feel the same way! Here are our 10 most popular cucumber recipes of all time.

1. The Easiest Tangy Cucumber Salad

The best part about this cucumber salad is it actually gets better the longer it rests in the fridge — so feel free to make it the night before you need it.

2. Sour Cream and Dill Cucumber Salad

Salting the cucumbers before tossing them in the sour cream dressing is the secret to a salad that’s creamy and crispy rather than soggy.

3. Saucy Chili-Garlic Cucumber Noodles

These Asian-inspired cucumber noodles are equally spicy and refreshing. If you don’t have a spiralizer, use a julienne peeler or a basic vegetable peeler to shave the cucumbers into ribbons instead.

4. Pineapple-Cucumber Salad

Don’t knock this combination until you try it. Super-sweet pineapple chunks marry incredibly well with crisp cucumbers and fresh herbs.

5. Salt and Vinegar Cucumbers

These quick-pickled cucumbers are the perfect complement to just about any summer meal. Enjoy them as a side dish or just piled right on top of your burger.

6. Cucumber Caprese Salad

Caprese salad is pretty perfect as is, but adding cucumbers lends a bit of crunch to the situation that’s hard to beat.

7. Herbed Smashed Cucumbers

Smashing cucumbers breaks them down just enough so they absorb even more of the creamy yogurt dressing, and creates more nooks and crannies for all the other toppings.

8. Cucumber Gin & Tonic Pitcher Cocktail

Hendrick’s gin has cucumber essence right in the bottle, so if you happen to have this brand on hand, definitely use it here.

9. Chilled Lemon-Dill Cucumber Noodles

To turn these herby cucumber noodles into a meal, slide a grilled piece of salmon or chicken on top of a bowl.

10. Sparkling Strawberry Cucumber Sangria

Strawberries are a classic pairing with cucumbers, and for good reason: Their juicy sweetness is the perfect complement to the refreshing vegetable.

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