Pan Fry Potato Cake Without Egg

Never confused about what u gonna cook, just check what u have in your fridge and create ur best cooking,, i made pan fry potato cake and it was just simple cooking but yummy, everybody like it and im happy 🙂


  1. 3 large potato
  2. 1 tbs cornstrach
  3. Chopped spring onion
  4. To taste chicken powder
  5. To taste White pepper
  6. Vegetable oil


  1. Peel the potato skin, wash and then thinly sliced

  2. Heat the frying pan and add a little oil then pan fry potato until brown or soft

  3. Remove from the pan and blend it,bcome mashed potato, i use manual blander.(i didnt boil the potato but i fried them so that later potato cake will not break when u fry even though no egg)

  4. When you think enough then mix mashed potatoes, cornstrach,chopped spring onion, chicken powder, white pepper in a bowl until better consistency, and make it round and thin.

  5. Heat vegetable little bit oil in the pan with medium heat. Fry until golden brown. Remove and drain on paper towel. Fry until finished,, and ready to serve 🙂

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