Peanuts cake


  1. 3 cups Baking/cake flour
  2. Honey 1 cup (you can use sugar)
  3. 3 cups Peanut
  4. 1/4 cup Cook oil
  5. Salt small spoon 2


  1. Used grinder to blend my peanuts. If you don’t have grinder use blender to blend your peanuts and add your honey and oil blend together.

  2. Take your flour add salt, baking soda and if you have Cocoa powder add it.

  3. Take your eggs and mix it with little salt.

  4. Take your mixture of peanuts, oil and honey and start pour your flour while mix it together.

  5. You will start observe your mixture become have because of peanuts so add you egg while you mix it and after you add your eggs you will start observe your mixture be soft after add eggs.

  6. Start preparing your pan if you have baking pan use it apply a cooking oil and little flour and add your mixture

  7. Put low heat cause peanut make faster cooking since it’s has natural oil.

  8. This is how my peanuts cake look on my plate. Hope you will share your cake with me.. #navianasecrets #baking #cakes #delicious #sweet

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