Peanuts in a Popcan


  1. 12 ounce can of your preferred sodapop
  2. 1 handful your preferred peanuts


  1. Alright. (*cracks knuckles*)

  2. First, get your nut vessel- this varies greatly and all options are okay. Tiny packet of airplane nuts? Big plastic screwtop container? Maybe you only have trailmix- it’s all good. You can pick the peanuts out of it, and use those. DO NOT settle with lint covered couch peanuts. You are better than that.

  3. Consider your nutflavor and soda combinations. There are many- the classic being salted peanuts with a can of Coca-Cola.. but my preferred is honeyed peanuts with a can of Dr. Pepper.

  4. “Can I substitute with plain almonds and a can of La Croix? You know, to cut back.” Of course. Sometimes we want to cut back on any hint of flavor, and coast entirely on textures. Enjoy the mouthfeel.

  5. Take your choice can, and lift the tab to open it. Do not rip the tab off by twisting it absently. Just lift until you hear a sexy “PLOPKT! Fizzz..” sound.

  6. Take handful of peanuts, and feed them into the opening of the can. You can use a funnel or fold a sheet of paper to make one, but that is not necessary. Go light to start, you can always add more later. It takes time and a practiced hand to figure out your personal nut-to-soda ratio.

  7. Give the can a light tilty swirl, like your holding a glass of fine wine. (because you pretty much are.) Hear the soft little clicks of nuts hitting the aluminum. Ah, culture.

  8. This step is crucial. As you drink, You. Must. Remember. To. Chew. If this is your first time enjoying peanuts in a pop can, there may be that tiny part of your mind that’s like “ohgodwhatsinMYDRINKBACKWASH??” Its okay! Gently remind yourself that you put the nuts in there, and they aren’t crunchy bugs or mouse turds or whatever image the ever-shifting ether of your mind conjures forth.

  9. Enjoy!

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