Pork Phở


  1. Ingredients for broth
  2. 1 Pho instant package
  3. 2 cube Pork Bouillon
  4. 2 cube Chicken Bouillon
  5. 2 cube Beef Bouillon
  6. 1 tablespoon Sugar
  7. Noodles
  8. 1 package pho noodle
  9. Meat
  10. Pork neck bone
  11. Pork belly
  12. Pork patty
  13. Beef meat balls
  14. Peeled shrimp
  15. Thin slices of beef eye round
  16. Fruits and Vegetables
  17. 2 Onions
  18. Cilandro
  19. Green onion
  20. Thai basil
  21. Mint leave
  22. 1 Lime
  23. Bean sprout
  24. Seasoning and sauce
  25. Hoisin sauce
  26. Soy sauce
  27. Sriracha sauce
  28. Fried garlic
  29. Fried onion


  1. Put water in a pot (50-75% filled).

  2. Add 1 whole peeled onion in pot.

  3. Add pork neck bone and slices of pork belly. Let it boil for a few hours to tenderize it.

    Chop up cilandro and Green onion
    Slice lime
    Thin slices of raw onion
    Mint leaves
    Thai basil
    Bean Sprout

  5. As soon as meat is tenderized, add optional pork patty and/or beef meat balls.

  6. Add 2 cubes of chicken bouillon, 2 cubes of pork bouillon, and 2 cubes of beef bouillon.

  7. Then add Pho instant package (add little by little and adjust to taste. don’t add the whole package).

  8. Add a little bit of sugar (adjust to taste).

  9. When ready to eat, boil pho noodle until soft and place in a bowl.

  10. OPTIONAL (boiled separately)
    Add Shrimp Add Thin slices of beef eye round Then place it on top of the noodle in the bowl.

  11. Add noodle, cilandro, green onion, lime, thin slices of onion, mint leaves, thai basil, and bean sprout into the bowl.

  12. Add hoisin sauce, soy sauce, sriracha sauce to the amount according to your taste preference into the bowl.

  13. Add fried garlic and/or fried onion into the bowl.

  14. Then pour pho broth into the bowl.

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