Pork rice wine stew

Rice wine is a traditional drink like a beer consume during festival back in my village. I use to help my grandma make them with sticky rice and fermented them for a few months. This stew inspire by that memory. The video in my YouTube channel : Homecooking For Love one ( just a humble n homemade video ? )


  1. Shredded radish
  2. Dry chili
  3. Garlic
  4. leaf Onion
  5. Star anise
  6. Black pepper
  7. Rice wine
  8. Sweet soy sauce
  9. Fish sauce
  10. Pork


  1. Prep all your ingredients. As seen below in picture. First marinate your pork belly chicken also can,with rice wine for about half hour and steam to 20m.this steaming process will make the pork absorb rice wine flavor more and the fat become soft.beside added the extra flavored juice from the pork.

  2. The heat your cooking oil in the wok and fry your herbs.as seen below until fragrance and golden brown.then add in the steam pork belly and add in all your sauces.

  3. Leave it for about 3-4m under medium heat then add in dry chili and anion leaf and also pepper.stir well.until the gravy concentrated.taste it to check it the taste up to your liking.it is fast and easy because the pork already cook due to steaming. Happy try

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