Sweet vermicelli ?

Sweet vermicelli ?quick,easy n tasty.


  1. 1 packet vermicelli
  2. 1 cup water,1 cup sugar
  3. 3-4 CARDAMOM,3 tbsn amul ghee(clarified butter)
  4. 1 can puck cream or fresh cream and some mixed dryfruits


  1. First crush the vermicelli in the bag itself.now heat clarified butter/ghee.add cardamom then vermicelli saute a bit then add dry fruits.now make the sugar syrup just boil n dissolve the sugar.

  2. Now add hot syrup into vermicelli mix well then close the lid n let it simmer for 5 mins on low heat.pic2 u can see its soft n separable.now take folk n scrap all sides this will make it more fluffy n separable.

  3. Now take any cream add little sugar.now take little warm vermicelli in a bowl add cream n dryfruits n serve.

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