Cook a perfect poached egg ‘every single time’ in 10 minutes without vinegar

Many cooks have their own techniques on how to make the perfect poached eggs, but one chef has urged people to ignore some of the most popular cooking hacks. 

It has often been a popular cooking myth that adding vinegar to a pot of boiling water is the best way to make poached eggs, or swirling them in the water will make them keep their shape. However, making a soft yet runny poached egg is very simple, and you don’t even need a pot of water to do it. 

Fraser Reynolds is a chef, recipe cookbook author and nutrition coach who has spent time making hundreds of poached eggs in order to discover how to make a “perfect poached egg every single time.” 

In a video online, Fraser said: “Perfect poached eggs. None of that vinegar nonsense. No water swirling in a pot, this is all done in the babe magnet.” 

In order to make a poached egg with no fuss, you will need an air fryer and something to put the egg in, and Fraser has recommended using the Morrison’s air fryer egg poacher cups for only £2. 

How to make the perfect poached egg every time


  • Eggs
  • A teaspoon of butter 
  • Boiling water 

Kitchen equipment:

  • Air fryer
  • Morrisons Egg Poacher Cup
  • Two ramekins or small bowls filled with boiling water

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@fraser_reynolds Perfect poached eggs every single time ������ No more vinegar or spinning water in pots.400 attempts later at various different temps/times/modes I can say this is bang on! If you’ve got more ramekins/ladles you can chef at a time too.The metal ladles you get a Morrisons (not checked online).2 ramekins filled half full with boiling water1/2 tsp butter into your ladle then add into the ramekinsAirfry at 170 for 2 minutesCrack the eggs into the butter then airfryer for 6 minutes on 170 I did try varying temps and modes but this one works a treat! ������ #poachedeggs #airfryereggs #poachedeggchallenge #eggs #howtopoachanegg ♬ Rise Above & Beyond – Alpay


To begin, take your small bowls and fill them halfway full with boiling hot water. 

Then, take your air fryer poacher cups and put half a teaspoon of butter in each cup. Place the poacher cups in the air fryer at 170C temperature for two minutes. 

Then, place the poacher cups on top of the two small bowls filled with water. Place in the air fryer at 170C for six minutes. 

Your poached egg should come out of the air fryer springy to the touch and ready to be served on some buttered toast. 

Fraser has said he has tried making hundreds of poached eggs in various ways but has found this simple recipe is easily the best way to make a runny yet tasty poached egg. 

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