‘Easy’ recipe for ‘perfect’ scrambled eggs every time

Eggs are a very popular breakfast ingredient and can be cooked a number of ways.

Scrambled eggs are a simple yet yummy option that can be whipped up in no time at all.

BBC Good Food has shared an incredibly straightforward recipe with a difficulty rating of “easy”.

It contains just three ingredients, so won’t have you scrambling around the supermarket for hours looking for bits and bobs.

It takes a total of 20 minutes from start to finish – the perfect recipe for hungry egg lovers who are in a rush. The recipe can easily be doubled.

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BBC Good Food said: “Learn how to make perfect scrambled eggs with this easy recipe.” The food media brand described it as a “quick breakfast packed with protein”.

The yummy recipe is brought to you by Bill Granger, a self-taught Australian chef and restaurateur.

BBC Good Food fans went wild for the recipe. @g.keenanhill commented: “Come out brilliant every time – me and my family love them!”

@MadKopite added: “A great and easy way to cook scrambled eggs, and simple to clean up afterwards. What’s not to like?”

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Two large free range eggs

Six tbsp single cream or full cream milk

A knob of butter


1. Lightly whisk the eggs, single cream or full cream milk and a pinch of salt together until the mixture has just one consistency.

2. Heat a small non-stick frying pan for about a minute, then add in a knob of butter and let it melt. Be careful not to let the butter to brown, as this will discolour the eggs.

3. Pour in the egg mixture and let it sit for 20 seconds – do not stir. Once 20 seconds are up, stir with a wooden spoon, lifting and folding the mixture over from the bottom of the pan.

4. Let it sit for 10 more seconds before stirring and folding again.

5. Repeat until the eggs are softly set and slightly runny in places. Remove from the heat and leave for a moment as the eggs finish cooking.

6. Give the eggs one last stir and serve the “velvety scramble” immediately. Add to a breakfast sandwich on their own. Alternatively, scrambled eggs can be served with buttery toast, avocado, mushrooms, hash browns, sautéed spinach or bacon and sausages.

Bill Granger offered some top tips, including to always use a non-stick pan with a wooden spoon for best results and easy cleaning.

He also advised budding chefs to be wary of over-stirring – it’s best to think of scrambed eggs as ‘folded’ rather than actually scrambled.

For those cooking for a large party, avoid cooking more than three portions in one go as this will overcrowd the pan and the eggs won’t cook as well. Instead, cook in two pans.

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