Getting kids to eat five fruit and veg a day is a struggle for many parents

Innocent drinks company teach kids about origins of fruit and veg

Getting children to eat fruit and veg is a daily struggle for most parents – but many kids don’t even understand how the produce gets from the farm to their plates, according to a study. Almost half (45 percent) of mums and dads, with children aged five and under, said their kids are clueless about this process.

However, 50 percent, of the 2,000 parents polled, also claim to “go the extra mile” to teach their little ones about the benefits of fruit and veg – and 29 percent educate them on the vitamins found in this food type.

It also emerged 90 percent of parents believe there’s room for improvement in their kid’s eating habits – with the typical child, aged five and under, getting just three of their five fruit and veg a day.

The study was commissioned by innocent Drinks, which held a fruit festival in partnership with Crockford Bridge Fruit Farm in Surrey.

Katie Peacock, spokeswoman for the drinks brand, which has created a range of family-friendly fruit and nature-related activities, said: “We’re on a mission to get more fruit and veg into people’s diets, and we know this can be particularly tricky for parents.

“By hosting the innocent Fruit Festival this year, we aim to educate and engage families about the power and deliciousness of fruit, to hopefully make it that little bit easier for parents to get more portions of fruit and veg into their children’s diets.”

The study also found 25 percent of parents find getting their children to get their five-a-day “difficult”.

Reasons why include “they don’t like it” (43 percent), “they are fussy” (53 percent), and “they don’t like the textures” (35 percent).

Perhaps as a result, 61 percent have admitted sneaking fruit and veg into their little one’s diet by blending and hiding it in their meals.

It also emerged four in ten of those polled, via OnePoll, feel a mixture of excitement and dread when encouraging their kids to try new fruit and veg.

The study found over three-quarters (77 percent) of mums and dads revealed they give their children fruit and veg they know and like – to ensure they get the goodness they need.

Surrey mum, Sophie Jenkins, who attended the innocent Fruit Festival, said: “The kids had so much fun, and it was a lovely way to spend the day.

“The fruit art station was a real hit – it was great seeing my little one playing and trying fruits he doesn’t usually eat.”

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