Queen Camilla shares which food she eats ‘most days’ and it’s very relatable

Queen Camilla likely has sampled some of the finest cuisine in the world.

However, the food she is eating on a daily basis may not be a far cry from the kind of meals non-royals eat day-to-day.

In conversation with Tom Parker Bowles, food writer, food critic and Camilla’s son for YOU Magazine, the Queen revealed her relatable dining habits.

The one food she eats nearly every day is somewhat luxurious but also a staple in households across the globe.

Camilla shared that she absolutely loves avocado, although she didn’t always love the popular fruit.

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The Queen shared that growing up she preferred eating at home rather than dining out, although she was “excited” to first try prawn and avocado at Alexander’s in Chelsea.

Speaking about her relationship with the fruit, Camilla said: “The combination seemed impossibly exotic. 

“I’d eaten avocados at home and hated them at first. But I now eat them most days.”

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There are plenty of ways to eat avocado. They are incredibly popular smashed over toast or sliced into a salad.

The creamy fruit is also perfect in a smoothie or whipped into the delight that is guacamole. 

Despite her position in society, Camilla is clearly down-to-earth when it comes to dining, also sharing that her favourite meal is an incredibly cheap and easy recipe.

Speaking about beans on toast, Camilla told the publication: “One of my favourite foods is baked beans on toast. Always Heinz.”

She added: “And freshly cooked fish and chips, wrapped in paper. That smell. You cannot beat proper fish and chips.”

The eating habits of the Royal Family range from pretty peculiar to extremely relatable.

Queen Elizabeth II reportedly ate her bananas in a rather unique way, while Prince George’s favourite food is a classic Italian dish. 

The littlest of Kate and Will’s children, Prince Louis, is a big fan of one particular vegetable – and it’s not peas or carrots.

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