Toddler in tears over ‘dud 50p Transform-A-Snack crisps’ from grandad

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A grandad has shared how his three-year-old grandson ‘burst into tears’ after being “let down” by his favourite crisp brand.

Steve Perrin regularly treats grandson Milo to a packet of 50p Transform-A-Snacks when he collects him from nursery.

Speaking to Birmingham Live, Steve, 48, claims Milo was left “utterly distraught” when he opened a “dud packet” of the beef-flavoured crisps in late January. Milo was upset to find he could not build a crisp-shaped car as ‘only wheels were inside’.

He added that the crisp car body pieces required to make it were missing – leaving Milo unable to play with his snack. Crisp manufacturer Golden Wonder has since apologised and said it would send the pair “a gesture of goodwill”.

Steve suspects there was a factory mishap during production. Describing how the events unfolded, he told BirminghamLive: “We always stop off at the shops so I can get him a treat for being a good boy.

“It’s a little grandad and grandson thing we always do. Anyway, Milo picked out a packet of Transform-A-Snacks as he’s a big fan. They’re little crisps that you can build cars with.

“When we got home, he was utterly distraught and inconsolable to find there were only a load of wheel crisps inside. He absolutely loves making the cars and always asks for them – he’s very polite.

“But when he opened the pack, he burst out crying. It took me a good while to calm him down. I couldn’t go back to the shop as it was too far away and was getting very dark.”

Steve said the incident “ruined” Milo’s day. “There was probably some kind of error at the factory – however I don’t think Milo could fully understand the situation,” he added.

“It says ’50p great value’ on the pack. Not when they upset my grandson they’re not.”

A Golden Wonder spokesperson said: “As per our complaint handling procedure, we will write back to the complainant with our response and apology for the inconvenience caused and will send a gesture of goodwill.”

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