Walkers reduces multipack size again and increases price

Walkers is the largest crisp brand in the UK, and the average Brit consumes around 150 packets of crisps per year. Customers who enjoy the taste of Walkers, they are going to find themselves paying more money for less in upcoming months as the packet size and price of large multipacks are said to be changing. 

The crisp manufacturer is reducing the large multipack from 22 bags to 20 bags. 

The price of the large multipack will also change with an increase of eight percent. 

Asda was selling the 22-pack for £4.50 on its website, but they are now out of stock. 

Instead, the new 20-pack costs £4.85 which equates to 4p more per bag of crisps. 

The change in pack size means there will less of the classic flavours for customers to enjoy. 

Walkers Classic 22-pack assortment contained six Cheese and Onion, six Ready Salted, five Salt and Vinegar and five Prawn Cocktail. 

Now the Classic 20-pack assortment contains five of each flavour. 

Walkers’ Meaty multipacks have also been reduced to 20 bags from six Smoky Bacon, six Roast Chicken, five Prawn Cocktail and five Cheese and Onion, to five of each flavour. They are also priced at £4.85 for the 20-pack at Asda. 

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Asda declined to comment, but a Walkers’ spokesperson told The Mirror: “We strive to provide high quality, competitively-priced products to our customers. Retail prices of our products are at the discretion of retailers.

“Like many businesses, we have changed the size of some of our products due to a number of factors impacting the cost of producing them.

“We always ensure that our products are clearly labelled so consumers know exactly what they are buying.”

Crisp lovers are not happy about the news and took to social media to vent. One wrote: “Not only is inflation hitting hard, but getting charged for 22 when clearly only 20 in the box. Not happy!” 

Someone else claimed in a tweet: “Went onto @asda website @walkers_crisps have done it again. A pack of 24 became 22 now 20. 

“They used to be 12.5p a packet. Now 23.75p a packet. That’s far higher than the rate of inflation. 90 percent increase in price! They’re taking the mick!” 

Another wrote: “So multipack @walkers_crisps was 24 packs pre pandemic then 22 now 20. Meanwhile, the price in @asda was £3.50 (an ongoing bargain) for 24 then £4.50 for 22 and now £4.85 for 20.” 

One fumed: “@walkers_crisps So few months ago the 24 packs got changed to boxes of 22. Now less than 6 months they are 20s. See you removed the ‘Great Value’ on the design. Makes sense.” 

On Walkers website, one of the FAQ’s is “how do you ensure that your crisps are value for money?” 

The answer reads: “At Walkers, we provide a range of bag sizes from 25g multi pack to a larger sharing bag. We continue to invest in our product offering to ensure our crisps are the best quality.”

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