Benefits of an Electric Griddle

An electric griddle is a cooking appliance or device that uses an electric element (located under the cooking surface) as its heat source. This kind of griddle features a large flat cooking surface, shallow wall along edges, and heat control setting/knobs. Additionally, they have a smooth and non-sticking coating on the cooking surface.
Should you get an electric griddle? Yes, you should get an electric griddle. There are various reasons why an electric griddle is excellent. It’s efficient, convenient, versatile, and easy to clean, and heats evenly. Let’s explore the benefits of electric griddles and why you should have one in your kitchen.

What are Electric Griddles Used for Anyway?

Its flat and smooth cooking surface allows it to cook a variety of foods. Griddles are most used to cook most breakfast meals such as burgers, bacon, pancakes, eggs, grilled cheese, etc. Electric griddles are also used for cooking other meals for lunch or dinner, such as steaks, vegetables, hash browns, fish, etc.

What are the Benefits of Using an Electric Griddle?

1. More cooking space

While you compare electric griddles to griddle pans or typical frying pans, they have a larger cooking surface area. As a result, you can cook a lot of food on an electric griddle all at once. Additionally, it can handle fairly large-sized food due to its large surface area.

2. Smooth and flat cooking surface

Most electric griddles have a smooth and flat cooking surface area. It not only allows easy flipping of food with a spatula, but also food doesn’t stick to the cooking surface. Therefore, you can easily cook food with minimal grease or cooking oil.
Lastly, the flat surface enhances even cooking of food.

3. Cook less greasy food

While cooking on a typical griddle, you note that food releases fats and juices on the cooking surface and creates “a little pool” of grease. Nonetheless, things are different when cooking on an electric griddle.
As highlighted above, electric griddles feature a non-stick cooking surface; thus, you only need little grease/ oil for cooking. Food will hardly stick. Also, electric griddles feature an additional detachable drip tray where all excess fats and juices from the food are collected. That means you’ll end up with less greasy food on a griddle.

4. You’ve better control of heat

One of the significant features of electric griddles is the heat/adjustable heat control setting. It gives you more control of your griddle’s cooking temperature. Consequently, you can attain the ideal cooking temperature you need for the exact food you’ll be cooking. Also, there is a minimal chance of undercooking or overcooking food.

5. Even heating

The heating element on an electric griddle is designed to heat the cooking surface evenly. And so, the griddle’s heat is evenly distributed.
Food will cook at the same rate all over the griddle.

6. Versatility

An electric griddle is one of the versatile cooking devices you ought to own. Why? It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor cooking. For instance, you can use it for your breakfast meal in the kitchen and still carry it along while camping. Isn’t that incredible?
Additionally, an electric griddle cooks a variety of foods, from breakfast meals to thin cuts. You can use it for cooking any time of the day.

7. Easy to use and clean

Cooking on electric griddles is pretty straightforward. Also, the heat controls allow you to manage the cooking temperature easily.
It’s also easy to clean an electric griddle. The cooking surface is non-stick; thus, food particles don’t easily stick to it. Some of the griddles have a detachable drip tray, temperature control, and cooking surface, thus making it easy to clean an entire griddle unit.

Bottom Line

Electric griddles are worth owning. They are incredibly versatile and easy to use and clean. Additionally, standard electric griddles are affordable and offer healthy cooking, whereby you get less greasy food. Lastly, they offer you control over your cooking temperature.
Most importantly, you can use an electric griddle for cooking most meals anytime over your kitchen countertop or on a small table.