How to get coffee with a unique taste

Start the morning with a fragrant coffee or cheer yourself up with a cup in the afternoon – which of us has not done this? Coffee lovers and connoisseurs go further and are looking for new ways and new flavors to enjoy a new kind of favorite drink on the day off. To achieve this, you can look for special coffee beans, including green coffee, which, when properly processed, will give you a drink with a unique taste. After all, often farms that work according to holistic principles do not roast beans – which means that your purchase will give a more original taste than anything you have tried before. But what to choose?
The most popular varieties of coffee – Arabica and Robusta – differ in growing conditions, and, accordingly, in richness of taste and notes in taste and smell. You can look for pure Arabica, or you can prepare a mixture of ground grains of both varieties. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the region of cultivation: soil, climate and altitude vary from region to region, which means that flavors will also differ. Eg:

  • Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world and Brazilian Arabica is characterized by a mild flavor, with hints of nuts, chocolate and caramel. It is widely used in blends and is the basis for many commercial coffee brands.
  • Colombia arabica is considered one of the highest quality and most aromatic. It has a balanced taste, combining notes of fruits, berries and flowers.
  • Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, and Ethiopian Arabica is considered one of the most aromatic and diverse. Its flavor profile can range from bright fruity notes to floral and teay notes.
  • Kenya Arabica is known for its bright and sour taste with pronounced notes of citrus, berries and tomato. It has high acidity and a well balanced aftertaste.
  • Guatemala Arabica is often rich and full-bodied with notes of chocolate, caramel and spices. It has a complex flavor profile and is highly regarded by coffee connoisseurs.

The beans themselves can be sun-dried or dried in special facilities, dry or wet fermented, or processed in other ways, all of which also affect the final taste. As a rule, green beans are not used for coffee, they are roasted at a high temperature – at least 400C. The final bouquet of aromas and flavors of coffee will depend on the degree of roasting, and after roasting, at least a day must pass before the beans can be ground. It’s also worth knowing that French press coffee, filter coffee, and espresso are three different drinks. Imagine something new you would like to try this coming weekend and have fun experimenting.