Air fryer users love £2.65 chicken nuggets as a cheap McDonald’s dupe

McNuggets are a trademark product sold by Mcdonald’s that will set Britons back around £4 a time. But savvy shoppers have found a budget alternative that tastes exactly the same when cooked in the air fryer. The raved-about product is a 25-bag of frozen chicken nuggets from Home Bargains – and shoppers have gone crazy for their authentic taste. 

Sharing his excitement about the nuggets in the Facebook group “Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group”, admin Joe Stutter showed off the sweet deal.

He told the group’s 2.2million members that he discovered the dupe nuggets when shopping in his local Home Bargains store – a retailer known for its affordable prices.

The bargain-hunter picked up the bag of 25 chicken nuggets from the freezer aisle, which come in recognisable packaging. 

As stated on the bag, the product boasts 100 percent chicken breast with a crispy battered coating.

While Joe paid just £2.65 for 25 of the McNuggets dupes, those who order from the fast food chain should expect to pay £3.79 for a six-pack of nuggets, according to the Mcdonald’s app.

A box of nine costs £4.49 while a mega share box of 20 retails for £5.49 on the app. 

Though it’s easy to be impressed by the low price, the nuggets were raved about for their authentic taste too.

In fact, many of the Facebook group members who had also tried them claimed that the taste was no different to the McNuggets recipe.

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One person commented on Joe’s post to say that their young grandson was unable to taste the difference and “totally” believes the Home Bargains nuggets are by McDonald’s.

Others commented on their “nice” taste, with one person noting that they are “so good done in the air fryer”.

Even without the same deep oil-frying cooking method, a fellow nuggets fan said they “taste just like McDonald’s”, which is why she “loves” them.

But with so many people trying to get their hands on them, shoppers will have to keep a close eye on their local Home Bargains store.

While the budget retailer does sell food and drink online, it excludes frozen products – including chicken nuggets.

However, those on the hunt for alternatives could also consider Aldi which sells a similar product.

Sold in a smaller pack of 12 (300g) for just £1.99, Mcdonald’s lovers can even enjoy a side of three dips.

Packaged in an uncanny box to those sold at the fast food chain, the frozen nuggets are branded as “battered chicken”.

The box also contains separate servings of BBQ dip and sweet chilli dip – both of which are available on the McDonald’s menu.

Aldi shoppers who have tried the dupe took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the cheap “fakeaway” product.

One person wrote: “Frozen Mcdonalds style chicken nuggets and selects in Aldi are fab.”

Another said: “My kids say they are exactly like the McDonalds ones.”

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