Expert issues tips to reduce sugar intake this Christmas

Darren McGrady shares mince pie recipe

With Christmas around the corner, supermarkets have already started seeing Christmas treats flying off the shelves, with Britain’s best-loved festive desserts now taking the centre stage until the new year.

However, an expert has highlighted the need to exert self-control as some store-bought mince pies have the equivalent to more than six sugar cubes in a single pie.

Selph’s medical testing experts have recently published a study unveiling that mince pies sold at various UK supermarkets and retailers have the highest sugar content.

This research, conducted in recognition of Diabetes Awareness Month in November, highlights that mince pies from Iceland, Waitrose, and Greggs surpass other brands in sugar content.

Iceland and Waitrose’s All Butter Mince Pies have been revealed to have the highest sugar content, exceeding six sugar cubes in a single pie.

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With 24.6g of sugar, this accounts for a substantial 82% of the daily recommended sugar intake.

On the other hand, Sainsbury’s Mince Pies contain the least sugar, equivalent to 3.4 sugar cubes, but at 13.6g per pie, it still represents almost half (45%) of the NHS’ recommended sugar intake.

Despite being the priciest, M&S Collection Mince Pies, priced at 58p per pie, also scored high in sugar content, containing 22.2g of sugar per mince pie.

This information provides valuable insights into the varying sugar levels across different mince pie brands.

To help Brits enjoy their Christmas treats responsibly, Selph’s medical director, Claire Merrifield, has shared valuable tips on being mindful of sugar consumption while indulging in festive sweets.

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She said: “One really simple way to get around the amount of sugar you’re eating, is to simply cook your own festive snacks and mince pies.

“If you can make your own mince-meat then that is even better, but even making your own pastry will significantly reduce the amount of sugar in a mince pie. You can also make smaller mince pies so you can reduce the calorie content even further.”

The expert also recommended the use of wholemeal flour to make the pastry and boost fibre intake.

Merrifield also suggested exercising and burning calories in-between and after meals, as it not only does it burn off calories from the food eaten, but it helps reduce stress and boost your metabolism. 

She added: “This does not have to be high-intensity exercise. A simple brisk walk will do the trick, just try and get out of breath.” 

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