‘I compared Heinz Beanz and sausages to Sainsbury’s version’

I compared supermarket's 52p beans and sausages with Heinz

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With the cost of living crisis biting hard, many households are looking for ways to save themselves some cash.

One such way is to buy supermarket own-brand products rather than splashing out on name brands.

And what better item to put to the test than beans and sausages?

The Heinz product is immensely popular with children and students alike, but how does the Sainsbury’s version hold up?

Emma Gill at the Manchester Evening News pitted own-brand against name-brand in a bid to discover which was the best.

Here is how she got on:

Emma wrote: “The biggest selling point is that Sainsbury’s version is 52p a tin – a quarter of the price of Heinz which are generally selling for £2 a pop.

“Apart from the colour of the tin, they look pretty similar on the outside, with almost identical lettering – all part of the marketing ploy no doubt.

“But what about the inside?

“Well, you can see from the photos that the sauce with the Heinz ones is lighter and thinner in consistency.

“Some shoppers have suggested the Heinz recipe has changed recently, with the juice more watery, but the company insists that’s not the case and says it remains ‘committed to giving our consumers great tasting and nutritious products without compromising on the quality they know and trust’.

“As for the sausages, they look different too.

“With Heinz you get a slimmer, smoother sausage, like a miniature version of a typical hot dog.

“But with Sainsbury’s, they’re stumpier and with wrinkly skin. And while that might not sound appealing they’re pretty tasty.

“Having spent too many years living off a certain budget brand of beans and sausages while at university, as a ‘proper grown up’ I’ve always bought Heinz – and when my kids came along they got Heinz too.

“It was never really an issue, but then prices were nothing like they are now.

The problem I have now is that they’re reluctant to try any other – and are so accustomed to the look and taste of Heinz that they know if I’m trying to give them ‘a rip-off’ version.

“I actually prefer the Sainsbury’s ones to Heinz, on texture and flavour as well as my bank balance.

“I’m angry at myself for not trying an alternative to Heinz earlier, when they were at the age they’d neither notice nor care.

“A parenting fail that’s now hitting me in the pocket.”

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