I tried Quaker Oats’ new Caramelised Biscuit porridge – it was the perfect meal

To the delight of many porridge fans, Quaker has introduced a new flavour to its expansive range of supermarket products.

The newest addition to its Oats So Simple range was inspired by Speculoos biscuits, a crunchy, slightly spiced bake which originated in Belgium.

Lovers of the caramelised flavour may be more familiar with the Biscoff brand of baked goods, which are made by Lotus.

As someone who enjoys sweetly flavoured porridge oats and the taste of caramel, I gave the new oaty sachets a try.

The new variant contains 100 percent wholegrain oats which are rich in soluble fibre.

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Quaker has made the caramelised biscuit product available in both sachets and individual pots, so Britons can enjoy a healthy and nutritious breakfast on the table, or ready to enjoy on the go, in just two minutes.

I enjoyed mine early in the morning before a busy day at work and all it took was a few minutes to combine the oats and milk in the microwave.

While the instructions suggest a cooking time of two minutes, I put mine in for 20 seconds extra for a thicker consistency.

Straight away I was met with the distinctive smell of the porridge which had a sugary autumnal fragrance. And in the first mouthful, I could taste exactly that – the warmth of sweet cinnamon with caramelised biscuit flavour.

The flavour was just enough without being overly sweet as I have found with some own-label supermarket versions of Quaker’s maple syrup porridge.

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Though I enjoyed mine plainly with semi-skimmed milk, the caramelised biscuit porridge would pair perfectly with extra toppings like chopped nuts, apples or even some winter berries. 

But even on its own, the porridge did the job of keeping me full for a good five hours until it was time for lunch, perhaps down to the slow-release energy that comes from the wholegrain oats.

The new Caramelised Biscuit flavour porridge was rolled out in major supermarkets on August 14. Packs of 10 sachets can be purchased for £3.50 or £1.30 for an individual pot.

While the flavour is certainly worth a try, I think those looking for a cheaper alternative could make do with homemade porridge and Speculoos biscuits crumbled into it, along with a dash of ground cinnamon.

That said, the convenience of the handy sachets and pots makes them hard to beat for those looking for a quick and filling breakfast.

The launch follows the unveiling of the Quaker Heavenly Oats range in August 2022, available in irresistible Chocolate Orange and Caramel Fudge flavours, and it is the latest addition to a 15-strong lineup of delicious and convenient Oat So Simple options. 

Claire Molyneux, Head of UK Marketing at Quaker, said: “Nothing kickstarts the day better than a bowl of Quaker oats, and we’re on a mission to create a range of mouth-watering options to suit all tastes.

“Our aim with Quaker Oat So Simple Caramelised Biscuit is for this new flavour to excite existing and new customers, as well as demonstrate our commitment to launching innovative flavours that consumers love.

“We’ve seen a real demand for caramelised biscuit-flavoured breakfast products on social media, where people combine the flavour profile of caramelised biscuits with our Quaker Oats, with recipes accumulating millions of views across platforms. Our new launch fills this demand with the convenience of an all-in-one pot or sachet.”

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