Chef shares ‘divine’ ingredient for making the ‘crispiest’ roast potatoes

A chef has been praised for sharing his secret hack for making the “best” crispy roast potatoes, and fans have labelled it “divine”.

TikTok cook Harrison Webb, who’s racked up a mammoth following on the app, garnered a lot of interest from viewers after showing how to make crisp potatoes with a fluffy inside.

According to the cook, roasting the spuds in goose fat is the secret to yielding the most exceptional results.

This traditional method has been cherished by cooks for centuries as the high smoke point of goose fat ensures the potatoes cook evenly.

The technique was demonstrated in a clip, showing the chef cutting a handful of potatoes into quarters and rinsing them under cold water until it runs clear.

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The spuds are then lathered in garlic, rosemary and salt and pepper dressing, while the oven preheats at 180C. The secret is to add the goose fat straight to the roasting tin in the oven while boiling the potatoes until soft.

Once they’re ready, the potatoes are drained and left to sit for five minutes before being coated in the heated goose fat. They’re then added to the roasting tin.

Addressing his viewers while placing the spuds in the oven, the chef explained: “We’re going to be pulling them out every 30 minutes.”

He then proceeded to make a rosary salt garnish by grinding the two ingredients with the zest of half a lemon, for extra an kick.

“Get rid of the sprig and drain them over a large colander, pour them onto a large plate and let them dry for about five minutes,” noted Webb.

The video racked up more than 6.8 million views, with many commentators sharing they were eager to try the recipe themselves.

One fan quipped: “They look banging,” while another wrote: “Omg they look divine [sic].”

One vegetarian fan suggested an alternative to goose fat, writing: “You can substitute goose fat with a vegetable oil like sunflower oil. […] They will come out crispier this way.”

It’s worth noting goose fat contained less saturated fat than butter and lard while being high in “heart-healthy”’ monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

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