Egg-stuffed breakfast mushrooms made with just 5 ingredients and no carbs

Enjoying a healthy, home-cooked breakfast doesn’t have to involve hours of preparation or time spent in the kitchen.

In fact, there are plenty of speedy meals that can be whipped up and eaten in just 30 minutes.

And this stuffed mushroom recipe by Karo Tries, founder of the All Nutritious food blog is perfect for people seeking a filling and flavoursome morning meal.

She said: “These mushroom eggs cups ooze comfort and make a warming breakfast that’s so quick to make. If you don’t usually have time to cook something hot in the morning, this may change your mind! This is minimal effort for maximum nutrition first thing in the morning.”

Using just five ingredients, the easy method requires no poaching, boiling, or frying at all as it can all be baked in the oven at once.

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  • Four Portobello mushrooms
  • Four slices of prosciutto ham
  • Four medium eggs
  • A pinch of black pepper
  • Fresh parsley, chopped

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While the basic recipe requires just a handful of basic ingredients, there are plenty of other foods that can be stuffed into the mushrooms.

Karo recommended adding a side of steamed spinach, a sprinkling of mixed seeds or even some roasted vine tomatoes.

Alternatively, extra protein sources such as sausages or a small piece of poached or smoked fish can be swapped in instead of prosciutto.

No matter what is used in this versatile recipe, the food blogger noted that the oven should always be preheated before cooking for the best results.

After turning on the oven, take the Portobello mushrooms, remove the stems and scrape out the gills inside. Give them a quick rinse under clean water and pat dry with a tea towel.

Use a little bit of olive oil with a silicone brush to coat the outside of the mushrooms before placing them flat-side down in the centre of a non-stick baking dish.

Line the mushrooms with one slice of prosciutto followed by a cracked egg. Sprinkle each one with black pepper and some fresh parsley.

Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes until the egg is cooked and enjoy fresh from the oven.

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