Coffee smoothie recipe ‘a quick morning pick-me-up’ packed with health benefits

Doctor reveals the health BENEFITS of drinking coffee

As the mornings become darker and colder it can be even more difficult than usual to get out of bed.

And at times like these, our breakfast choices are crucial, not only helping to kickstart our day but keeping us fuelled until lunch time.

Many people will choose just to reach for a coffee in the morning as one way to get the energy levels up.

But it is actually possible to combine this caffeinated beverage with other ingredients to make the ultimate morning drink.

Restaurateur and chef, John Quilter, shared his recipe for a “bold and beautiful” coffee smoothie via the Jamie Oliver website.

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He explained some of the benefits of the coffee-based concoction.

“All year round, this healthy delight will restore your constitution, revive your temperament, and give you the energy to take on just about anything,” he said.

“It tastes fantastic, and is perfect as a quick morning pick-me-up shake. Grab your blender out from the back of the cupboard and get, well, blending.”

The ingredient list for this drink is relatively small and includes one banana, chia seeds, coconut water, ground almonds and a shot of coffee.

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However, an important step in making the drink is freezing the banana beforehand.

John said: “The only mental exertion you’ll have to suffer is remembering to pop your bananas into the freezer the night before – it makes a huge difference to the end product and is well worth doing.

“I tend to put any bananas that are black and overripe straight into the freezer for just this sort of thing – just be sure to take them out of their skins and individually wrap them in cling film before freezing.”

The recipe is as follows:

One frozen banana
Eight grams chia seeds
125ml coconut water
One teaspoon ground almonds
One shot of espresso.


To make the drink, just: “Pop everything into a blender and blitz!” The consistency is up to personal preference, John said.

The banana will not only add texture and flavour, but a “shed-load” of potassium to the smoothie.

Adding coconut water will ensure you stay hydrated throughout the morning.

John continued: “The coffee also very much has its place, bringing body, depth and all kinds of goodness to the table.

“The caffeine works its obvious wonders on the sleep-deprived, and has also been shown to have beneficial effects on physical performance.

“Coffee also happens to be one of the biggest sources of antioxidants in the western diet.

“While these three ingredients make up the body of the smoothie, the chia seeds (although rather delicate in taste) add a whole plethora of very scientific-sounding nutrients to the mix, as well as being high in fibre, omega 3 fatty acids and protein.

“Tie these in with the almonds – which add the finishing flavour and give the smoothie a sweet, nutty finish while keeping your nervous system, teeth, and bones stay strong and healthy – and you’ve got one hell of an addition to your morning routine.”

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