‘Easy, quick, delicious’ bacon air fryer recipe is ‘the best’

Rosanna Thomas is a social media cook who describes herself as a “small-town mama” who wishes to help others “be healthy and live their best life.” She has recently posted a quick and simple recipe on her TikTok account @rosannathomas86 for cooking bacon and said that making it in the air fryer is the best way to make the delicious weekend breakfast,

Cooking bacon in an air fryer is a no-mess and no-fuss way to make your bacon, and Rosanna explained her way of cooking the weekend treat. In a TikTok video, she explained that she set her air fryer to 370 Fahrenheit and set the timer to seven minutes.

While the bacon was cooking, she said: “Halfway through you may have to straighten it out or turn the bacon over, then put it back in to finish. She then took the bacon out of the air fryer to reveal some golden crispy bacon strips.

Rosanna said that once the bacon is cooked, you can decide how crispy you would like it. She said: “If you want [your bacon] to be crispier, put it back in for another minute until it is perfect.”

The TikTok mum also had an easy way to clean your air fryer once you have enjoyed your breakfast. She took the air fryer tray and began to it into a bowl filled with tin foil. Rosanna explained: “Pour the grease into a tinfoil in a bowl, let it sit, and then throw it in the trash”

People in the comments thanked Rosanna for her idea, and one person named Morgan wrote: “This is genius!” while another commentator named Courtney said: “Stop it right now, Why have I never seen this?!”

In the comment section, some people also shared their own tips for making air fryer bacon. One commentator wrote: I heard if you do not want [your airfryer] to get smokey, then add a little bit of water to the bottom of the tray before cooking.”

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Another person on TikTok has another tip for cooking bacon in an air fryer, and it involves using an air fryer rack instead of an air fryer tray. One woman called Jen, who runs the TikTok account @airfry_jen, shows her social media fans how to get more use out of your air fryer while also showing her efficient meal ideas.

Jen cooked two lots of bacon on a tray and one lot of bacon on a rack in her air fryer in order to show which one would come out tastier and crispier.

After five minutes, she took the bacon out of the air fryer and showed the bacon strips, which had come out looking crispy and golden. The bacon on the tray looked done and slightly crispy, but had come out pinker than the bacon on a rack.

In the comment section, one user named Samuel said there was a “massive difference” in the quality of bacon depending on if you used a rack or tray or rack. He wrote: Obviously up on the rack the heat can circulate around the meat much easier.”

Another commentator said that one massive benefit to using an air fryer is that there was “no spitting everywhere” while cooking the bacon. Jen replied: “Yeah, you are not having to clean grease splatter off the worktop after cooking like you do on the hob.”

The TikTok air fryer expert also said she found using an air fryer “much cheaper” than using an oven and also found it “easier to clean than oven dishes, [I] just bung it straight in the sink.”

Jen also said in the comments she used a Ninja Foodi AF400UK air fryer and said it was “fantastic” and “definitely worth it.” She said: “I have had a few other [air fryer] makes previously and far prefer the ninja, as it has way more space.”

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