Genius fried egg technique to flip them and never break the yolk

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TikTok user Brooke shares her food tips on her account @mealsandmunchies, including recipes and cooking hacks. Her hack will help those who struggle to flip an egg do it perfectly every time.

Brooke posted the “egg flip hack” and it has had a huge 116K likes on the app and attracted over 2.7K comments. In it, Brooke takes her two fried eggs which are cooked on just one side.

Instead of taking a spatula and flipping the eggs, or tossing the eggs and risking breaking the yolk, Brooke has a clever solution. She took the lid from a pan and gently tipped the eggs into it, being careful not to break them.

Then she turned the now empty pan upside down and put it over the lid. Then, holding the two together she carefully turned them the right way up.

When she removed the lid, the eggs were perfectly flipped and not broken or damaged in any way.

Some fans thanked Brooke for the intuitive tip. Sara said: “The amount of eggs we eat a week. Game changer! Thanks for sharing!”

Another wrote: “Nice…some of us need all the help we can get. as for spatula, doesn’t always work.”

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Some, however, weren’t so impressed by the hack. Lee Hunter wrote: “Or just learn to flip an egg. That s*** ain’t rocket surgery.”

The bemused original poster responded: “I’m sorry did you say rocket surgery?”

Another user, Fitterman, seemed to agree with the first commenter, and wrote: “If you can’t flip an egg in a frying pan you need to get out of the kitchen.”

A number were bemused that the cook didn’t turn to the classic kitchen implement, the spatula. One such commenter wrote: “Or I would invent an implement with a broad, flat, blunt blade, used for mixing or FLIPPING things. Especially in cooking. I would call it SPATULA.”

Jake Charles Brockle said: “Lol how is that easier than just flipping it?” Bobby asked: “How is this easier than a quick flip??”

But Brooke’s response made perfect sense. She responded: “You’ve never unsuccessfully flipped an egg with a spatula? This is just an easy way to not mess it up.”

Brooke added: “My spatula flips often break the eggs. And this doesn’t.”

Other home cooks suggested a different use for the lid that would help to cook the eggs. Ashley Woodfell recommended: “Just add water and put the cover over top. The steam with cook the top of the eggs.”

Tahoomie suggested: “Or, pop the lid back on and add a splash of water. Seriously, try it. Cooks the top of the eggs perfectly.”

Jamie added: “I just put the lid on it so I don’t have to flip them…”

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