Only 34 percent of Britons are storing chocolate correctly

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Chocolate is an absolute British favourite, with eight in 10 eating it at least once a week and a third at least once a day, according to research by free-from chocolate brand NOMO. An expert from the team told how people should be storing their choc for optimum taste.

Chocolate rarely tastes bad – after all, even bad chocolate is still chocolate.

But according to NOMO’s product development manager Angela Beckett, there’s a specific way to store the sweet stuff so it tastes optimal.

The research suggests that we don’t really know where to keep our chocolate post-supermarket.

According to NOMO, 34 percent of Britons store chocolate in their fridges, edging just in front of the 30 percent who store it outside of the fridge.

Around 29 percent sit on the fence when it comes to chocolate storage, flitting between storing it in and out of the fridge.

Chocolate expert Angela settled the debate for and revealed that chocolate should ideally be kept outside the fridge.

She stated: “The temperature of chocolate has a huge impact on the texture and the flavour delivery – more than you might expect.

“The aromatic cocoa notes are more apparent at higher temperatures, so if you want to appreciate the depth of flavours it should be stored outside of the fridge in a cool, dark place.

“Around 18 to 21 degrees Celsius is the goldilocks zone for chocolate – it’s not too hot that it’s melting but not too cold that it loses its flavour!”

Manufacturer of heating and refrigeration systems Viessmann revealed that the ideal room temperature of a kitchen should be around 18 – 21 degrees celsius.

Chocolate is an extremely popular treat, so it is somewhat baffling that so many of us are getting it wrong when it comes to storage.

NOMO’s research found that of those surveyed, chocolate is the number one favourite snack.

The tasty treat received almost half of the votes – more than three times more than second favourite snack, crisps.

Nine percent of people opted for cake as their favourite snack, while five percent said cheese.

The nation is so chocolate obsessed that many would rather give up their other favourite guilty pleasures than chocolate.

34 percent of those surveyed would sooner give up watching Love Island than go without chocolate, while another 32 percent would sooner give up dating apps.

31 percent would even give up watching the beloved British favourite Strictly Come Dancing.

One in four would prefer to pack in alcohol and football than give up the stuff.

NOMO is the UK’s number one free from chocolate brand, offering a variety of vegan and free from chocolate.

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